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Friday, January 28, 2011

Our diabetes story

In December 2005, 7 year old Jacob was diagnosed with diabetes type 1. I still remember thinking how dumb I could have been for not knowing, even though way in the back of my mind I knew something was wrong with him. For years, he just didn't seem well, and it bothered me so much, that 2 times since he was about 3 I had his blood checked. Of course, it was only the finger stick, but I didn't know. Some of the things that had me worried: pupils dilated ALL THE TIME, started peeing the bed about age 5 when he was so easy to potty-train and NEVER had an accident once underwear was started, not even at night, and would throw-up at odd-times- like Easter Sunday morning, or in Sacrament Meeting during the opening song, telling me that his size 6 slim pants were now to big. The thing that got me real worried on that December morning was when I walked into his room, and standing naked wasn't Jacob, but a starving malnourished kid. I about died. I sent him to school though. I tried to make a doctor appt (this was a Friday), but none was available until Monday. I went to his classroom since I was the room mom for the Christmas Party that day. I was talking to his teacher who started asking me a few questions, like "do you ever notice he goes to the bathroom ALL day (um, no... he usually doesn't tell me he has to go at age 7), he fidgets in his seat (um, no again, because I don't ever see him in his seat at school), and that he is always thirsty (that I did notice, and summed it up as he was drinking way to much and so therefore was peeing the bed). She then mentioned diabetes, and something clicked in my head right then. DUH!?! How could I have not known this? I looked at Jacob sitting by 2 of his friends, and Jacob was gray!! He didn't even look good!! Good thing the party was about over, because I immediately took him home because I wanted Shawn to look at him before he left for work. Shawn took one look at him, and told me to call the doc immediately. As I was dialing, I was like I can't get an appt until Monday... but as soon as I asked for an appt immediately, they asked if I could be there in 45 minutes. Away we went to Texarkana to see Dr. Green. He took a look at him, and sent us to labs immediately. 30 minutes later, my worse fears were confirmed... his blood was 880, and that he needed to get to Children's in Little Rock (2 hrs away) immediately. Why he didn't send him to ER or had him admitted immediately, I don't know, but away to Little Rock we went. As soon as we got to ER at Children's, Jacob started throwing up, and was starting to go into... shoot I can't remember... but like coma-type. Of course, they rush him back, and in 1 hour... 1 HOUR... my Jacob looked normal!! He was up, alert and pink. I started crying a bit because I hadn't seen him pink for so long (I thought he looked normal before until I saw him and his friends). We were admitted to Children's for 3 days. Fast-forward: insulin, shots, tons of daily checks. It was awful. I started my research on something easier. I found out about the insulin pump. Doc in Little Rock REFUSED to have Jacob start on a pump at his 4 month check-up... "It'll be 10 years before he will ever get on a pump!" What?!?! I told him of 3 year olds with them, but he wouldn't listen. Shawn quit working at St. Michael's, and went back to St. Joseph's in Bryan. Insurance paid for a doc at Scott & White in Temple. Again, I asked the new doc about an insulin pump, and he said, "you have to attend 6- 2 hr classes held every Wednesday here, both you and your husband." What the he//? Don't you know I live 6 hrs away!! And eventually, Shawn quit St. Joseph's, and started working for Willis-Knighton in Shreveport in 2007. At the first appt we went to, I told Dr. McVie I wanted the insulin pump, and I wanted it yesterday! He gave us all the paperwork, and told me to call the phone number. And so I did. I will love Dr. McVie for the rest of my life! Any doctor that does not start their diabetic type 1 patients on an insulin pump immediately is doing the biggest disservice ever!! 1 week before we were to have the home health nurse come to start it all for us, we couldn't get Jacob's blood sugars up. Nothing we did was making him get out of the low range (40-50). He was admitted for 24 hrs at LSU. He was dehydrated. Of course with LSU being a training hospital, we saw lots of soon-to-be doctors!! I think we answered the same questions 100x times in a 24 hr period! And so the insulin pump was started, and this has been our life ever since.
Here is Jacob about to get his pump infusion site changed.
He has just ran out of insulin.
He stops the pump, and removes it from the site.
He takes off the fake site-
and then the site with the needle.
The new supplies that we have to use.
Filling the reservoir with insulin.
After filling it and getting everything ready.
Reservoir attached to tubing and sites.
Finding a place to stick it.
The red dot is where it was the last time.
It's stuck with really sticky stuff
(the needle is now in)!
An the fake site is stuck on now too. The fake site
helps the real needle from being pulled out.
Attaching the tubing to the fake site.
And the pump is back on, delivering a drop of insulin every second!
He has also been tested for Celiac's Disease, and so far his results have been negative. Dr. McVie is going to test him again at next appt. I have read things about Celiac's and nothing I have read about really fits Jacob. I am hoping for the best, because if I have to change everything to Gluten-free...
I might as well die now!

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