All because two people fell in love...

We met in February 1989, started dating in May, and got married in September. And Josh came *almost* 11 months later, just in case y'all were wondering. And then no more came. We waited, and waited, and then Lauren decided to make her debut in May 1995 (5 weeks early), and then Kayley 1997, Jacob 1998, Krissy 2001, Lindsey 2004 & Joey 2006. We lived in Texas until 2005, and then we moved to Arkansas, just about 25 miles north of Texarkana, Texas. Fortunately all my children are Texans (and my handsome husband) because Texans are just cool. Wish I was a Texan... but husband had to settle with a California gal, which I think is pretty cool too.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Graduation Night!

He's the Man!
Josh wanted us to be the loudest ones at graduation. I got there about 6:15pm to get front row center seats. We had a few crips with us, so we couldn't get to high up because of them (meaning, both grampa's & Mamaw have a hard time climbing in their old age... LOL!). We had the blow horns, we had the voices! And everyone knows that Pritchards aren't quiet. Josh's friend said that we were the loudest ones there. LOL!! I'm glad! Afterall, he's the man! Josh said the opening prayer. He was asked 2 times to say the opening prayer, for 2 different functions, by 2 different teachers. Shows that the teachers respect Josh, and what they think of him. Makes this mom proud! He was the only active LDS student (2 total!) this year... really the only one active last year (of 3 total) too. We had a big party afterwards at our house. We had a lot of fun!
And yes, this is us!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

New haircut!

After months of trying to get my hair to grow out (yet again!), I decided to whack it all off yesterday, and finally get a color! I've been meaning to do this since February!

Now all I need to do is loose 100 lbs by Friday night, and I'll be ready for family pix!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Great Article!

Shawn served in the same ward with Kevin. He was a neat person then, and after reading this, probably still awesome! He sang at our wedding reception.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Look what Arkansas/Louisiana/Texas heat does!

It literally shrunk Joey's crocs! Both pair of shoes are size 4. I had taken the crocs to Shreveport with me last weekend, and on the way home, had taken them out of my purse. Totally forgot that they were in the car, since he had his other shoes, and eventually got these sandles on Saturday. I went to get the manual out of the Honda yesterday (needed a part #), and I saw the crocs sitting on the dash. I took them out, and as I was walking into the house, I was like "wow, those are really small!" I then saw Joey with his new sandles on, and started laughing!! These shoes are probably a size 1 now! I may give them to our friends at church who has a baby boy. Isn't that hilarious? SHRUNK!! See what heat can do?
Joey tried to put them on after I took the picture, but even his big toe was having a hard time!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day!

Thank you...
Shawn Mc
Grampa Pritchard
Dad Miller
Papaw Davis
Uncle Vernon
Uncle Gene
Uncle Mel
and to any others on both sides of the family that I may have missed...
And to every single person who has or is serving in whatever branch of the Military!
We thank you, we support you, we salute you!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


3 parties in 3 days, and 1 more by Friday!
I enjoy having people up, but I know by Monday night, I will be glad it's over for a few more days...
On Saturday, our friends, The Cooks, came up for fishing, & a BBQ. They wanted to come up to go fishing, and this led to that, and we ended up having the BBQ too. It was a fun day. Their little boy, Jaron, who Lindsey just loves, got bit by a turtle, and the stupid thing about ripped Jaron's finger off... okay, maybe not that bad, but it was pretty WOW! He was fine after the band-aid was put on. I think the Cook family won the fish off... I think they caught 7, while we ended up with 6. No keeping them, or eating them, as I don't do that kind of fish. Oh, wait... do I even do fish? Nope! I did make some good burgers & hot dogs on the grill. :-)
Today we had the missionaries up, and guy in our ward whose family is still in Utah. They are trying to move here, but have to sell their house in Provo first (any buyers?). I fixed a roast beef-type sandwich (thanks Val!), and all of it was eaten. It was really yummy!
Tomorrow for Memorial Day, Shawn's siblings are coming over. We are doing another BBQ. I think Shawn has had to work for the last 3 Memorial Days' so, we have a good excuse to party again! I may by some soda for the occasion. We hardly ever have soda at our house (except for what I buy @ Sonic), so I know my kids will be happy. Wish we had a pool though.
Next party is on Friday night!! Josh graduates from high school!!! He was asked to say the opening prayer for it. He is pretty scared & excited about that. Anyone who reads this is invited! Party starts at 9pm! Good food!!
Side note: Shawn & Josh are doing a great job with my entry way. We had a man come look at the area where the stairs are suppose to be, and he said that he can have them made probably within the next week-2 weeks. I am pretty excited about that. Plus it's not going to be as much $$ as I thought.
Lauren & I had to give talks today in Sacrament Meeting. Lauren did a great job, and Shawn said that my talk was good. They both were on testimony. I hope I did okay. I always worry that I may say something wrong, or not right, but Shawn asured me that I did good.
Joey is over his fever, but now Lauren & Kayley have them as of this evening. Good thing there is no school tomorrow. The Cook's daughter had a fever last night too before they left, but was at church today, so hopefully it's just a 12 hr thing... is there such a thing?

You know that Joey is the 7th child...

Yes, that is a screwdriver he is playing with. He is trying to take apart a toy. And not only that, but the screwdriver is covered with paint or something that Shawn got on it, so it's not like it's the cleanest screwdriver there is.
And his buddy, Hayden (1 month older!), had to have one too, but he ended up being more interested in the Wheel of Fortune game instead...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

What else is new?

I mean, why wouldn't Joey be sick with a raging fever of 102.5 or higher? I could only hold him for so long while getting his temp, and that's all it went to. I thought after his tonsils were out, he wouldn't be sick anymore, like my others. Since getting them out, this is the 3rd time, and the last time he had another ear infection. I am thinking this may be another, but I won't know until I can take him in tomorrow to Dr. Platt. He isn't in the office today, and I rather go with someone who I know & trust. Not that the other doctor, or the CRNA , or the PA aren't good... I just don't know them as well as Dr. Platt. And we now have to go to his clinic if Shawn continues to work in Shreveport because our insurance won't pay for regular visits to dr. offices out of area... only to emergency rooms or minor emergency clinics (like Dr. Platt's). Crazy!

So, my poor baby is sick today, so not feeling well, and I hate it! I can't get him comfortable, and he doesn't speak yet, so he can't tell me what is wrong. Joey is getting his tongue clipped on June 6th, and if I can arrange, maybe tubes in the ears? If that will help him from getting sick so often! I think he has had more ear infections since 2 months old then any of the other 6 combined! My mom said I was the same way, so hopefully we can get things taken care of now instead of having a long-life of problems like I have had. :-(

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Maybe this is what's wrong with me! Josh laughed too! LOL!!

Study: Just One Poor Night's Sleep May Prompt Dangerous Shutdowns in the Brain

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

All it takes is one night of tossing and turning to make the brain unstable, according to a new study from an international coalition of researchers. Researchers said the sudden shutdowns in the brain that result from sleep deprivation could lead to potentially dangerous mistakes or accidents. “The main finding is that the brain of the sleep-deprived individual is working normally sometimes, but intermittently suffers from something akin to power failure,” Harvard University's Dr. Clifford Saper, an expert unaffiliated with the study, told the Journal of Neuroscience. The study was conducted on 24 adults who were asked to perform simple tasks involving visual attention. Participants performed the tasks when they were well-rested and when they had missed a night's sleep. Using MRI, the researchers found significant, momentary lapses in several areas of the brains of people who were sleep-deprived. “To my knowledge, this is one of the first studies to look carefully at brain imaging during lapses of consciousness after sleep deprivation, the equivalent of ‘blanking out,’” said Dr. Emmanuel Mignot, at Stanford University, who was not involved in the study.
The study, which will appear in the May 21 issue of the
Journal of Neuroscience, was performed collaboratively by researchers at the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School in Singapore, the University of Michigan, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And the ceiling came tumbling down...

Shawn decided that this part of the ceiling needed to come down. So he started it...
And it was a mess! But he actually got the sheet rock back up on it, and it now looks better even though it's not completed. He has been pretty good this time with finishing up a few things. While it's still lacking texture, primer & paint...
the walls are getting the sheet rock back on them. Now I don't have to worry about Joey playing with uncovered wires. That is the ladder that Josh is climbing to get to his room upstairs. :-( We are hoping, or I should say, I am hoping that the new stairs will be done soon. I have teased Shawn that it'll be another 10 years before I see stairs there!

2ND TooTH GoNe

Krissy was so excited to finally loose another tooth... top one too! She wanted you all to see! Now she can be like Colby! Her "wild-woman" hair!

Krissy loves to pose!

She can strike a pose anywhere!

Her goofy face!

Dog pile on Josh!

Since Shawn claims he is to old to dog pile with the kids (you know... all those aches & pains that come afterwards), Josh has been filling in for him. Once Josh leaves on his mission, Shawn will have to resume it.

Happy Birthday Lauren!

She is an official teenager!

Yikes! Can you believe Lauren is 13 today? This past Friday night she had a BeautiControl Spa Party/Sleepover with some of her friends from church. She also invited the YW leaders since she is friends with all. We had a great time getting our faces cleaned, feet pamperin', lips peeled, and hands done too. Well, wait... they had a great time. I didn't do it. I refused. Hehe!! After the grown-ups left, the girls watched 2 movies. Unfortunately, Shawn had to work the next morning, so they couldn't be as loud as the wanted to be.

Tonight she wants Mexican casserole for her dinner, and a mint chocolate cake. I think I can do that. Mamaw took her shopping at Target last night, and got her 2 outfits, a swimsuit cover & a necklace. I got her a big duffle bag (hey, she wanted it!) for Girls Camp, and I will also get her a pair of new shoes for church. We just didn't have time to get to Dillards to try some on (where they have narrow shoes for her).

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Beware! Fireants are back!

Poor Joey. He loves being outside, and I love for him to be outside too. It keeps him out of stuff, but the fireants are back! We've had tons of rain, and that's what fireants love! The love weird stuff, and can survive anywhere... water & electrical outlets! Crazy! Maybe we should put the 3 together? Yesterday he was outside in the front porch/walkway (look at slideshow below) after it had dried up a bit from the storms the night before, and next thing I know, he is crying. Go check, and he has ants all over him. Poor little hands & legs have a few bites on them. These ants are not nice at all! Evil, evil they are! They are 1 of 2 bugs that I hate (the other: roaches!)
When I was younger, my family lived in the SE corner of Alabama. We were right on the border of FL & GA. We used to have them there too. I remember one day that my sisters were playing at the park across the street, and my sister, Hilary, got pushed down into a fireant bed. I think she was about 4. They attacked her little legs. I know it had to hurt! I've been bit a few times here, and they can leave some scars! The map shows where fireants are at now. My father-in-law said that 20 years ago fireants started showing up here. They are moving north & west. Be prepared! And nothing kills them except fire! ETA: Just read this on FoxNews (Roger Gold mentioned in the article is LDS... used to be in his stake), but I sure don't want them here either! There was a fireant spray that was really good many years ago, but I think FDA or something like that pulled it. Began with a 'D'. It was some great stuff. We bought as much as we could before it was pulled at Lowes. Unfortunately it's no longer available.
And like I said before, the ants do like water. I've watched the Discovery Channel before on fireants. If you ever see it on, watch it. It's very interesting! They can form a ball of ants, and can move in the water by continuing to move. It's crazy! I think it was last summer or the summer before, that when we were at my parents (who have a pool), the kids jumped in, and almost immediately started getting bit by ants. There was a ball of ants in my parents pool! We got them out, but not before we got bit! Ouch!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Movie Alert!

27 Dresses! A few swear words, but nothing that the "filthy filter" can't take care of. For once I got something I wanted to watch, even if it was a chick flick, and Shawn liked it! It was a cute movie, and I really really like it. Maybe it's James Marsden that I like (hehe... note that I have 3 movies now listed with him in it) to watch really because he is super-dooper cute (I had to put that in for Jileen!). And as I was searching on Google Images, I saw that he was in the Superman movie too... I don't know if I ever did watch the new one. Hmmmmmmmmm... Anyway, 27 Dresses... great movie! You'll love it!

The tractor

Our new neighbors

Double-wide was moved in yesterday, and pieced together today. We now get a nice view of their house from our front door. I told Shawn we might as well move back to Bryan if I have to see neighbors! He didn't agree with me.

Redneck door

This is what's left of my stairs, and my entry way. Don't ask!
Nice view into my kitchen. Lovely.
And yes, that is duct tape on the bottom of my Texas-star door that was broken last week. We will replace the whole insert, as soon as I get $300 to do it. Until then, the glass that won't come out, is causing a hazzard to Joey who likes to stick his hand up there. It has caused a few cuts.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The stairs

are gone.

The remodeling has started again!

And it's because Shawn has 3 weeks until graduation, and he likes to work under pressure. The problem is, is Shawn never finishes anything! So, here he is, tearing down stuff, and it's never going to get done. Why, oh why, can't he just finish a project? A few unfinished projects:

And the funniest thing Shawn has said so far today, is that he is tearing down the stairs, and is going to build a ladder so that Josh can get to his room. I about died! Hilarious! Now that his dad is here "helping" I don't know if that is more hilarious then the ladder thing.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Eagle completed

I should be getting, I mean Josh should be getting his Eagle Award sometime this summer. His project was today, and I am soooooooooo glad it's over. We had great success, and a great time with the Ashdown Fire Department. And after seeing the calendars over the years (hey, they sell them at Books-A-Million!) of the "men of the fire department", I know for sure they didn't get the men from Ashdown to pose! LOL!!
ETA: An article in the Texarkana Gazette quoted Josh a few times about his project. He was pretty pleased that he was in it.

Friday, May 09, 2008


Joey's new thing. Great. Guess it's better than biting or pinching.
And it's so funny because when you tell him 'no', he then spits at you.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

My DrEaM gOaL to have my wash done all in one day! You know, I used to. I used to be really really good. But now, I hate laundry. I really need a second dryer. Shawn doesn't care if I get a 2nd one, but I don't have room for it yet. My plan is to the Duet combo & stack them, and then have my old dryer. I can wash in no time. It's the drying that takes forever, especially if you have loads of clothes like me. It never gets done! I am proud to say that I am about done for this weeks clothes because:

  1. Josh didn't bring his clothes done to be wash (do I really have to remind an almost 18 yr old week after week after week...?).

  2. I just combined 3 loads of clothes into the dryer because I am SO TIRED OF LAUNDRY NOW AND I WANT TO BE DONE!

Just like the picture, I also plan to have a smaller stackable washer/dryer (cheapy brand) in my closet of my bedroom so that my clothes never leave my room. I've seen that many times in the new homes in Bryan/College Station during the Parade of Homes. I loved it!! Shawn said he'll put a place for them. But then again, the real question is: Will it ever happen?

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Summer plans part 2 (part 3 to come later)

To poor. Can't afford to drive the Suburban out to AZ. I really wanted to go to DI. Oh, well. Shawn will more than likely go with his parents, and Krissy & Lindsey. Lauren will go to Girls Camp with Rebekah in Killeen, Josh to the Pioneer Trek in Oklahoma, and the other 3 will stay here at the house so we can watch things here at the house, plus take care of the garden. I am sure I will have plenty to can & freeze.

Shawn is off the whole 4th of July weekend, and he wants to go to Killeen. We may go, even though Lauren will have to be home by Tuesday to go to Girls Camp here.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My Texas-star door

It's broken. Yep. It is. I was really upset last night about it. The glass panes are double, with the cool star in the middle of it. I have a picture somewhere of it on my computer. Lauren was weed-whacking the yard yesterday, and a rock kicked up into the door. Shattered the outside glass. It's still intacked, but at any moment it could fall to the ground. I am hoping that Shawn can replace it, which he has replaced glass before. I didn't get upset with Lauren because it wasn't her fault, but I was upset. Upset because I didn't need it broken. You know how much that #%!& door cost me? So not cheap!
Tonight I am fixing chicken for dinner. Nothing special. Just found some chicken breasts in the freezer, and I am baking them with some seasonings on them. Making some rice to go with it, and some veggies, and salad. It smells really good.
Been kinda busy today. Trying to get announcements finished for Josh, and birthday party planned for Lauren. Plus having to do Mother's Day things for Relief Society on Sunday. I got the paper today at Hobby Lobby (I love that store, but I did good... went right to the paper, picked it out, bought it & left... didn't even look at anything else do to lack of $$). Oh, and I have Eagle Project this Saturday.
Plus I haven't even started my laundry yet! Yikes! I am so way behind!!!!!

I am my father's daughter

I was not looking into suing Walmart or anything like that. I wasn't even going to fill out a report until they asked me too. I knew it was my fault, not theirs. I mean, I am my father's daughter. My dad can trip/fall on anything anywhere (even before he had one eye, Mom!). Take yesterday, for instance. I fell outside my house. I walked into a hole that I didn't know was there (kids were mowing, and it was covered in grass), and I fell. Not like I did at Walmart, but I did twist my left ankle, and landed on my knees. I was holding Joey at the time as I was taking him over to the swingset. He was fine, and my pants got major grass stain. I am such a dork! I wasn't expecting a payout at all, and so I wasn't surprized when Walmart called today and told me they weren't going to give me any money. I said okay, thank-you, and hung up. I don't know if the lady was expecting another reaction, but she didn't get one from me.
EVEN THOUGH, I did have $10,000 planned to spend already on all my bills, etc... ;-)

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Pair of clippers + mom who doesn't know what she is doing=

a bald baby!
At least it will grow out!
Now he looks like his Uncles Chad & Shawn. Oh, and Brother JC Larsen at church!

May update

Yikes! What a busy month already! Today we had Shelly's step-grandchildren at our house for a while. Shelly is Shawn's sister. Her husband was married before and had 2 children, who he had not seen for the last 20 years. They contacted him a few months ago, and to come find out, have 6 children between them. So, now 1 daughter has moved to Texas with her 4 kids to be by Shelly and their dad. To make a very long story short... Shelly brought the kids up today to play with mine. They all seemed to have a great time playing.

This week: Josh's Eagle Scout Project, Mother's Day (I have to make stuff for that for RS to hand out to sisters), and doctor appt in Shreveport for the little kids and Shawn. I finally got Shawn to see an ENT, and hoepfully (fingers crossed!) he'll get his tonsils out soon. Poor guy! Going to be in some serious pain!

The 3rd weekend: Lauren's 13th birthday bash.

4th weeked: Calendar is free... yee haw!

30th of May: Josh graduates from high school! Most everyone I know is getting some sort of an announcement~ most of the locals are getting an invite to a graduation party because I only ordered like 40 announcements, and people living away from us get those first! Don't be offended! And if you don't get one, and you do know Josh, still come! With everything going on, it was an oversight! PARTY MAY 30th, 9pm!

I am sure the 4th weekend since my calendar is free, I'll be busy cleaning up house. My parents will be coming the 29th.

Today is my in-laws 45th anniversary. Wow! That's awesome! Mother-in-law is sick this weekend though. We are going to celebrate it at a different time. She loves the Outback, so we'll probably take them there (Shawn's siblings too). She won't be going to church tomorrow, so I will be teaching her Primary class. My 2 kids better behave! I'll have to whip their booties if they don't! I peeked in last week into the classroom since our doors just got new windows, and Kayley was lying back with her eyes closed. Jacob got her attention, and she sat right up. Let her try that with me! Ka-pow! LOL!!!!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Extra, extra!

Oh, the joy of living in the country!

Maybe it was this type or
maybe it was this type...
The point is... a snake! Black with long yellow stripes. As I googled this type of snake, I have found there are a lot of names for it. Rat snake, western snake. To many! I'm pretty sure this is the same type that Josh found 2 summers ago, and he called it a racer snake. I think if you were to go back and check this blog when I first started it, I may still have the picture of Josh and his snake. Not sure though.
Lindsey was coming home from Mamaw's house. She was coming to get a can of sweetened condensed milk that Mamaw needed for a lemon pie. I can see her coming through the window. She comes in all panic. "MOM, there's a snake!" We go look. Sure enough, it's at our back door, lying there with it's head up, and little tongue just "tasting" what's out there. Lindsey was so brave, and went past it, and walked in the door! I would have gone around for sure. But she wasn't about to go back outside that way. She was heading towards the front door. As she was starting to go, I told her that the snake was slithering away, and that she could use the door now. We both went outside, and watched it go into the grass, never to be seen again (I hope!). I then thought of my friend, Rebecca, whose had to deal with spiders in her bathroom, and how I should have been more brave and caught that stupid snake for my 3 boys! Yeah, right! LOL!!