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We met in February 1989, started dating in May, and got married in September. And Josh came *almost* 11 months later, just in case y'all were wondering. And then no more came. We waited, and waited, and then Lauren decided to make her debut in May 1995 (5 weeks early), and then Kayley 1997, Jacob 1998, Krissy 2001, Lindsey 2004 & Joey 2006. We lived in Texas until 2005, and then we moved to Arkansas, just about 25 miles north of Texarkana, Texas. Fortunately all my children are Texans (and my handsome husband) because Texans are just cool. Wish I was a Texan... but husband had to settle with a California gal, which I think is pretty cool too.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Oh, the joy of living in the country!

Maybe it was this type or
maybe it was this type...
The point is... a snake! Black with long yellow stripes. As I googled this type of snake, I have found there are a lot of names for it. Rat snake, western snake. To many! I'm pretty sure this is the same type that Josh found 2 summers ago, and he called it a racer snake. I think if you were to go back and check this blog when I first started it, I may still have the picture of Josh and his snake. Not sure though.
Lindsey was coming home from Mamaw's house. She was coming to get a can of sweetened condensed milk that Mamaw needed for a lemon pie. I can see her coming through the window. She comes in all panic. "MOM, there's a snake!" We go look. Sure enough, it's at our back door, lying there with it's head up, and little tongue just "tasting" what's out there. Lindsey was so brave, and went past it, and walked in the door! I would have gone around for sure. But she wasn't about to go back outside that way. She was heading towards the front door. As she was starting to go, I told her that the snake was slithering away, and that she could use the door now. We both went outside, and watched it go into the grass, never to be seen again (I hope!). I then thought of my friend, Rebecca, whose had to deal with spiders in her bathroom, and how I should have been more brave and caught that stupid snake for my 3 boys! Yeah, right! LOL!!

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