All because two people fell in love...

We met in February 1989, started dating in May, and got married in September. And Josh came *almost* 11 months later, just in case y'all were wondering. And then no more came. We waited, and waited, and then Lauren decided to make her debut in May 1995 (5 weeks early), and then Kayley 1997, Jacob 1998, Krissy 2001, Lindsey 2004 & Joey 2006. We lived in Texas until 2005, and then we moved to Arkansas, just about 25 miles north of Texarkana, Texas. Fortunately all my children are Texans (and my handsome husband) because Texans are just cool. Wish I was a Texan... but husband had to settle with a California gal, which I think is pretty cool too.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Christmas day this year was a bit different for our family. Josh didn't like it for the most part because it was to boring. It was rather boring, but in the end, I think it will be fine. I'm actually writing this before Christmas Day is even over. Let me go back to a few weeks ago...

Shawn came home from work and told me that he most likely will have to work on Christmas. He kind of knew he might have too, but he was really hoping he wouldn't have too. He is at a new hospital this year, and unlike St. Joe's, everyone takes turns working on Christmas Day. Shawn was always able to juggle his schedule so that he would be off on Christmas Day. Most of the time he worked Christmas Eve, but that was okay, because since we lived in Bryan (for most of the years) we just did all of our fun stuff at Mimi & Grampa's house later on Christmas Day when we went to their house. First year here, he was off because Christmas was actually on Sunday, and he didn't work weekends (which we loved), and last year we were at Killeen because of the baby being born in Bryan 2 days later. Shawn worked out his schedule so that he would be off Christmas Day, and not go back to work until that Saturday.

Christmas Eve day came, and everyone in Shawn's family was coming. All except 1 brother-in-law, 2 nephews & 1 niece. I told everyone to bring his or her favorite Christmas dessert, and I would provide the meal. I decided to still stick to the Pritchard Family tradition of having Cornish game hens, rice, broccoli casserole, cranberry salad, toss salad and rolls (which I forgot to get). At 4pm, I put the hens in the oven, and it wasn't pretty. I had to literally smash 9 hens in my bottom oven, as none would fit in my top oven. I had sprinkle them with a lemon-type spice that smelled really good, and then I basted them in butter, and oh my gosh, they were good!

Close to 4pm, Michelle (Shawn's sister-in-law, married to Jon) called to say that she and Kendall were coming up and they were bringing 2 extra people. I said OK, and really made my kids clean up better. I had no idea whom was coming. They get there, and we met 2 pilots who were "stranded" in Texarkana for the night. They were staying in a hotel, but Michelle (who works at the airport) didn't want them to be alone for most of the night, invited them to come. One was born in1984, and the reason I know that was because we were laughing at a picture that I have on the fridge of Shawn that Josh found of him at Shur-Way at a Christmas party in 1984. We were laughing at what he was wearing, and what we were doing in 1984, and the pilot said that was the year he was born. Wow!! So young!! The other one is from Phoenix originally, but lives in Houston at present time working for Continental. They both said that they had just been in College Station the day before, and I was "boohooing" as I told them I love the area and want to go back. They agreed that it was a nice place.

They also said they fly to Killeen often, and that they would be in Killeen later this week. I then told Michelle I needed 7 buddy-passes on Jan. 1st to Killeen, and she told me she would see what she could do. LOL!! It would be fun to fly, but not really. How would we travel once we are there? Michelle then said that it was easy for her to get passes to Houston from Texarkana, but that from Houston to Killeen was almost next to impossible since those flights are always full. Ramble, ramble, ramble...

We eat, and it was good. We then did the T'was the Night Before Christmas. We told them pilots that this was crazy, and they might be scarred for the rest of their lives, and never want children or a family, and they laughed. They all laughed through it, we all laughed through it, and it was so much fun. The little kids loved it. Then "Santa" (aka Uncle Jon) came in with 2 HUGE bags of gifts. I was so embarrassed because I really didn't have anything for them, but he said it was OK. I guess he did all the shopping, and loved doing it. The kids loved their gifts, and had so much fun with it. I'll have to remember this next year. Even Uncle Shane had gifts for us, and again, nothing for them. I mean, I got the 4cousins something, but that was it.

Then we do the Nativity story. Shawn's mom plays Away in the Manger in the background as Shawn reads the Christmas Story via the book that my mom got us a few years ago from Deseret Book, or something like that. Lauren took it upon herself to borrow the costumes from the church's activities closet, and had the kids practice, and also practice the song in the Children's songbook, The Nativity, or something like that. Lauren practiced and practiced playing& learning that song on the piano, and did a great job playing while all the kids sang it. I never really had heard that song before until this year, and I really like it. Side note: I also did the Ward Choir Christmas Program on the 16th, and we sang that song in the Dec. 2007Ensign called Guard Him, Joseph...and I think these 2 songs are my favorite this year, and for a long time.

Everyone was gone by 8pm, and dishes done, and kids in bed by 9pm. I told all my kids that Santa was going to be by at 10pm, and if they weren't asleep, he was passing by. Shawn was in bed too since was up early that morning deer hunting, and he may have to work the next day. Everything that I needed to do was done by 10:30, and I was asleep. I didn't sleep well because I kept thinking about how today would go if Shawn had to work. Shawn calls Sunday night to get his name as "first off". No biggie said the unit secretary. He was still to call at 4:30am on Christmas morning to see if they would still need him or not. "Sorry" he was told...2other people already called in this morning and beat you to it. WHAT? We called Sunday!! So, Shawn leaves for work.

I go back to sleep. About 7:30am, I go back to get a diaper for the baby, and tell Jacob to check his blood. By 8am all that was done, and kids came out to see what Santa left. Not much, as this was Santa's last stop, and he just didn't have a lot left (as I told the kids). It looked rather small compared to past Christmases, but I just didn't have the money. Kids were happy though, and loved the candy that was left, and the hands-on stuff that they got. It has kept them busy most of the day. At about 2pm, kids were getting kinda bored again, so I called Shawn to see if he mind if we opened some family gifts because I knew of a few games and some new DVDs & CDs. He said to go ahead, and all was happy with Harry Potter 5,Little Rascals, and new games.

Now at 6:30pm, we are getting tacos done waiting for Shawn to get home by 9pm, so that we can open the rest of the gifts. Yes, I have made my kids wait ALL DAY!! They certainly have not liked that, but they have been pretty cool with it. Shawn told me to have them open them, but I wanted him to be with us. He has to have some sort of Christmas today, even if it is 9pm!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

What I am thankful for

I knew Joey was a momma's boy, but I didn't know how much until this week when everyone came. All I can say is...


Thanksgiving 2007

I just need to learn to take the camera out and take pictures of things like this. 20 of my parents 23 grandchildren were at my house, and not a single picture of all of them together with my parents! How sad is that? I am hoping that Hil will post some pictures later when she gets home, but until then, I have none.

My Thanksgiving week began Sunday night when my brother-in-law, Shawn Mc (Heather's husband) came up with their 3 sons. Heather and Holly were to arrive on Tuesday. Shawn Mc arrived so that he could go deer hunting with my Shawn. On Tuesday, Heather & Holly got here, along with my parents, and Brett & his family. On Wednesday Chad & his family arrived. Chad's wife, Kimber, just had a new baby...Ella...on October 5th. She is a cutie. Early Thursday morning, like 5am-ish, Hilary and her family arrived from Ft. Knox, KY. They had a long 10 hr drive and couldn't leave until 5pm Wednesday. They had pulled over a few times a long the way to sleep here and there. They weren't planning that, but it happened, and I rather have them here then dead. And about 8am on Thursday morning, Scott, Val & Jared arrived from Killeen. They left like at 3:30am.

When I was growing up, Thanksgiving dinner at 6pm. Not before ever! Not even 5:59pm! Always 6pm, and always we were dressed nicely and had the house cleaned, and the table set perfectly. If we even ate an olive before dinner, we were in trouble (sorry Mom, but it's true!). Dad would make pies with nasty pie crusts (sorry Dad, but it's true!), but the turkey would be carved perfectly and everything else made just right. Dad just didn't have a good pie crust recipe, and I hated that they were never done right. They were either not cooked right, or they were burned. He would burn a few at first, and then not cook the rest long enough so that the crust would not burn. No one knew what Pampered Chef was back then, and their pie crust protecters (not that I use them because I do make perfect pie crusts!).

Thanksgiving dinner at the Miller Family aka as the Pritchard Family Reunion is now at 12 noon. Besides all my family who comes, but Shawn's family comes too. Plus extended aunts/uncles/cousins from his parents side. Thanksgiving 2006, when I was 8 months pregnant, we had over 60 people eating here. This year because Shawn's mom family did not come (sickness), we had about 30-40. It wasn't as hectic, but I felt I was soooooooooo not prepared!

Dinner was prepared at 12:30 with 3 different types of turkey, ham, sweet potato casserole, smashed potatoes & gravy, green bean casserole, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and oh the desserts! I made 5 pies. I did...and all were eaten and eaten fast! I made 2 pumpkins, 2 pecans (from the pecans that my mom brought up from Killeen) and 1 apple. I also made a Reeses Peanut Butter bar dessert, and then what everyone else brought. I ate a lot, and gained weight.

Speaking of weight... Hilary is like skinny! I knew she had lost like 100 lbs, and 50 of it was at least since April when I saw her, so I hadn't seen her skinny skinny yet (she was like this when she married in 1996). She looks so good, and I am so jealous! And as I am typing this, I am thinking of more food and when I can get to Sonic to get me a drink. So sad, I know.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Pritchard Family Reunion

Next week of Thanksgiving. By Thursday, 35/40 people will be at my house staying. If you get on my Dad's blog, you can read some about it last year. Everyone is coming again except Toddanem. Maybe next year we can get them down. I have to go do grocery shopping Monday. This weekend will be all about cleaning and buying me a robe. OK, I hate robes. I sleep in my G's. I hate everything about PJ's. Can't stand the feel of them. And I had a horrible robe that I got a few years ago that I threw away a few months ago. So, off to robe shopping Saturday. LOL!!

Update on Lauren: Eye looks good. One stitch came out this morning. She is hoping Shawn will take the rest out tonight. Her eye is yellow & purple, with a red streak in the white of her eye. She is hoping that it will look better by tomorrow. Big youth thing tomorrow in Shreveport, and she is afraid that no one will dance with her. She is only 12, but this is the 1 dance that our stake allows the 12-13 yr olds go to because it's an all-day missionary thingy. I told Josh to dance with her, and to line some guys up to dance with her. LOL!! Her picture of her and her buck was also in the paper this week.

Joey cut his first tooth this week! Talk about exciting, and talk about miserable!! Poor baby has had a fever, running nose and yucko diapers all week! Poor baby!! :-(

Josh and his "new" car

Last night, Shelly & Mark got in from Alaska. Shelly is Shawn's sister. She and Mark have lived in Alaska for about 10 or so years. Mark is older, like close to 50. He and Shelly have always worked construction work (they were part of the group that redid the housing at Ft. Wainwright). But the cold is getting to them, so within 2 years they will have all their stuff moved down. So last night they get in. Mark is driving their huge motor home pulling a trailer that has a restored Corvette in it. I want to say it's a '79 or somewhere in the 80's. That is one of many hobbies of Mark's...restoring. We didn't know he was bringing it. In fact we just found out a few days ago that they had left Alaska and were heading down. Last we had heard they weren't coming down this winter. Josh goes outside to help with the directing of the motor home, and Mark drives out the Corvette. "Hey, Josh...wanna drive this to school tomorrow?" Uh, he// yes! What 17 yr old wouldn't? Now Josh is a good kid. Haven't had to wake him up to many times this year to get to seminary (he usually is heading out the door at 5:35am to make it by 6am in Texarkana), but this morning...5:22am he leaves! Yes, showered and everything! OUT THE DOOR! He tells his seminary teacher that he was up all night because he was soooooooooooo excited that he was able to take this Corvette today. LOL! I'll try to post a picture.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Mastercard Commercial

Gun: $200
Ammo: $25
ER visit for stitches: $800+
(that's how much it cost for Kayley when she got her stitches in 2005!...don't want to know what this will be!)
Getting your first buck: Priceless!

I am filling in for Heidi on this one. She called me this morning to tell me that Lauren got her first buck, a 3 point buck! Paul is jealous! He and Nathan are off going hunting not because Lauren got a buck, but because they had already planned on going hunting. Now he is REALLY hoping to shoot a buck!

But anyway, back to Lauren. She got the buck and the gun kicked back and hit her in the face. Well, the gun didn't hit her, but the scope did. She had to get 6 stitches. But it was well worth the pain and stitches to get her first ever buck! She even beat out Josh on getting a buck! Good job Lauren!

We can't forget about Shawn! He got an 8 point buck with an 18 inch spread. Paul is really salivating to get down there at Thanksgiving in hopes to get himself a buck and to redeem himself for shooting the spots off the one he got last year!! Good job Shawn!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The day after...

The Ward Halloween Party last night was great! I had a lot of people to thank me and tell me that it was a good one. Time I got home last night though, my feet were sore! Josh was a judge in the chili cook-off & Lindsey won the cutiest costume in the Nursery & below age kids. Her "boyfriend" won the scariest costume. LOL!! I had only 9 people sign up for chili, and we probably had 20 different types of chili! We had so much, and tons of cornbread, crackers, the trimmings for frito pies, brownies and hundreds of cupcakes! It really was fun. Glad it isn't my calling though...don't think I could do a Christmas one in 6 weeks! I have a choir program to worry about anyways...

Few more pictures as well of the small kids and their haircuts. I got Joey's buzzed and Kristen's got hers cut today too, and we added a pink strip of hair. She loves it. Other girls want color in their hair too, so by Thanksgiving, we may have colored hair up here (perfect for family pictures!).

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wish me luck!

Ok, not really, but I kinda stressing out some with this Halloween Party on Wednesday night. I am pretty confident that it will be great, and lots of fun, but I am worried that there will not be enough food. I went to Sams today and bought some extra chili. I have people bringing chili, but just in case there wasn't enough. Lauren carved her pumpkin tonight. I should have gotten one for Kayley & Jacob, but honestly I didn't even think about it until I got home with the one for Lauren. She asked; no one else did. I told Kayley that she could decorate the cupcakes for the cupcake walk. She is excited for that.

Let me go make some cornbread so it can be done. I've already done 2 pans of brownies. I need to get dishes done too before heading to bed.

I hope Joey stays asleep the whole night...LOL! He is such a stinker! I bought him some cute fleece jammies tonight so maybe if he is warm all over he will stay asleep. I got 6/9 months even though he is more into 12 months because the 12 months looked huge! If by Christmas they are to small, I'll give them to Jared. They are soooooooo cute! I love Sams with all their cute Carters stuff. These have puppy paw prints all over, and just so dang adorable.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Feeding the Elders

Doing that tomorrow night. Our mission has a rule where only 1 set per house per night. We have 2 sets, and I feel bad that we don't always get to feed them as I like because we live so far out. Well, they had extra miles so both sets are set is going to "eat" with the in-laws, and one set with us, but we all going to eat at my house. LOL!! I am making pulled BBQ beef, potato salad, and a bun-Ta (My Big Fat Greek Wedding...say it like that) German Chocolate Cake (so good!) so far. I think I will do a fruit salad or something else along the lines of that. Not sure yet.

New jeans

I'm not going to take a picture of them, but I got a pair of new jeans last night. So much better then those maternity ones. When I posted about them, they were still "tight" some for not having been worn for a while. Well, after a few hours, they weren't staying up good. Little big! Which is good, but not so good since I couldn't get my pre-pregnancy ones on. :-( But this is a recent picture taken of me from the other day. Yes, I have a double chin. Yikes-o-la!

10 inches GONE!

Yep...after threatening to do it for months, I did it! I took Lindsey in on Friday and got 10 inches cut off! We were going to do 12 inches because I think that is what Locks of Love needs, but I was to scared to do that much! I didn't want it that super short. When the stylist chopped off the first pony, I about cried! I mean, she has only had 2 small trims in 3 3/4 years! That is almost 4 yrs of long hair! She loves it though, and we are thrilled with it. I still have the 2 ponies, and I am going to send them to Locks of Love if they'll take them. If not, I'll put them in her baby book. They are so cute. Little ringlets. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa! Now I can't believe I did it!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ashdown has moved up in the world!

I called my mom today to tell her that I was very emotional at the moment...

I just walked into our new Super Wal-Mart here in Ashdown. I was almost crying it was so exciting!! LOL!!

It's a small Super Wal-Mart, but it's nice. I am pleased with it. Many people hate Wal-Mart, but can one live without? I am sure there are ways, but I'm not changing! I love it. Only thing I do not like is the produce section of any Wal-Mart. I will continue going to another grocery store, Brookshires, to get my green leaf lettuce there, and other stuff that isn't pre-packaged like at Wal-Mart.

I rather have fresher then Brookshires, and this summer when we had out garden, it was awesome! I love fresh veggies. Unfortunately, because we had such a wet wet summer, we didn't get a lot. Some of our tomato plants died too. There isn't a Farmers Market close by that I know of, but there may be one in Texarkana. I just need to check it out.

I am going back this afternoon when Jacob gets home from school. His birthday was on the 14th (He is 9!), and we went to the old Wal-Mart to get a bike for him, but they had already had sold out of them. I told him the day the new Wal-Mart opens I would take him to get his new bike. This morning he was excited about his bike.

How embarrassing!!!

This is Red Ribbon Week at the kids' school. You know, anti-drug week? Anyway, so each day this week they have a certain way of dressing. Monday was Red Day...wear something red. Tuesday was Camo the kids wore some of the hundreds of camo stuff we have around here. So when today Kayley said it was crazy hair day, I figured it was for all the schools like everything else was. Kristen announced she wanted like 6-7 ponytails in her hair, as well did Kayley. So, I put them in their hair. Had Kristen's all cute as it could be with 7 pony's, 2 with clippies that had "Kristen" on them, and a band that wrap around her whole head. Pictures will be posted soon.

I didn't have much today for lunch for Kristen to take, so I told her I would bring her lunch to her. I get there, and noticed that NO ONE had crazy hair. But I saw different colored socks, and crazy-looking socks. I asked her teacher, and she said it was crazy sock day. I was like OH NO!! I AM SO EMBARRASSED!! I tried to get Kristen to let me take her hair out so I could redo it, but she said no. Tomorrow is crazy hat day, so I will make sure she has a crazy hat.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Maternity Jeans

I put them on today. No, I'm not pregnant (seriously, I'm not) but because I am fat. It was chilly here today, so I needed some pants to wear. All I have are capris. I tried on my pre-pregnancy jeans...LOL!! Yeah, so I tried on the maternity ones again. :-( I bought them last November when it turned cold here and I was needing a pair to last me for the last 6 weeks. I am determined more then ever before to get out there and walk & diet some. They really don't look bad. I had to buy a large (12/14), and I have had to stretch the adjustable belt to really tight to keep them on, so that is good. But the fact that they are maternity jeans. Kinda sucks. I am wearing a regular shirt, but I am still fat. Did I tell you that?

My role models are Hilary & Kenna at this moment, especially Hilary. Are you at 100 pounds lost yet? That is sooooooo exciting for you!! I have 75 more to go...

Guess those 2 chocolate covered donuts w/coconut I ate this morning, and the 3 chocolate covered ones and 1 glazed one I ate yesterday aren't helping much. But I don't think the calories count because I had 4 diet DP too, and those take off the calories, right? LOL!!!!!

Is there anything else I can do for you?

I am a sucker for saying no. I have a really hard time telling people no when they have asked me to do something, especially at church. I can tell my kids no all the time, but when it's adults and even Josh, I have a hard time saying no. I complain to my mom about it, and even practice with her what I am going to say, but then I always give in and say yes.

I am doing the Ward Halloween Party. The activity chairperson moved in August, and a new one has yet to be called. I said yes.

I am the Ward Music Chairperson. My choir director also moved in August, and another one has yet to be called. So until I can find someone quick (I hope), I said yes to the Sacrament Meeting Choir Program (I did in in 2005 too). Funny thing is, I don't read music and I can't sing. But I said yes, and I will make sure we have a choir & program on December 16th (or 9th).

I am the Relief Society Secretary. Part of my calling for this stake is to make sure that the Elders get fed. I was asked to start doing the calendar (long story of why they weren't doing it before) again. I said yes. Then I got home and freaked out some. When do I have time to be worrying about that? I guess I could. I discussed it with the RS President, and she told me to get a sister at church to do it under my direction...I said yes I would get someone.

I should be more thankful...

Sometimes I sit here in my house, feeling sorry for myself because I live in Arkansas and that it really sucks, and all that. Last night when I was awake for the 3rd or 50th time...I loose count after so many times Joey wakes up (he is a horrible sleeper), I was thinking that I need to be more thankful for things. Maybe it was because I was thinking about the upcoming holiday and that.

Even though my house is not completed, and probably won't be completed for another 1-2+ years, I am thankful that I have a house. It's paid for, it's big, it's (going to be) nice, and it's perfect my family.

Even though Shawn has to leave at 5am on the days he works to get to work by 6:45am, he has a job. And it's a good job. It has great insurance too, and we just found out that we are actually paying a lot less for it then with the insurance we had in Bryan. Shawn is gone a lot, but that's okay. He is home more with this job. He is spending more time with the kids, and really enjoys being here. Just wish that I did (opps...complaining again!).

Even though J. hardly sleeps all night (been a few times this past week that he has), he is so sweet, and it's so worth it. Just being next to him at night time, just makes me so thankful to my Heavenly Father for these sweet children that he has allowed me to raise.

I don't have time to do the rest, but I will later. I am thankful for all my kids. Even if they do have a smart mouth, or is moody, or whatever they may be like, I am so thankful for them. I don't think my life could be complete without them.

In Relief Society this past Sunday was the lesson on Women in the Church. What a powerful lesson!! And then the VT message quoted Spencer W. Kimball about the noble woman part. I mean wow! Go read it if you haven't. It's powerful, and so inspiring to read.

The JOY of a get-a-way

I have a friend who has a husband who actually bought her a ticket to visit her sister, and told her to leave! I mean how cool is that? I have to almost beg, but at the same time I'm not begging, but am...KWIM? The last weekend of September was coming up, and I really wanted to go to my mom's for just the weekend. I was just not liking where I live at the moment, and I really missed being by my mom and family. I do miss my dad too, but he is actually in KY and was there when I went. So I looked at Shawn's schedule, and saw that he had 4 days off. I was taking a big "chance" of "asking" since October 1st was the opening of deer season. Anyway, he told me to go, and have a great time. I actually left a few instructions about Jacob, and told them to call me if they needed me ONLY with Jacob. Joey & left, and it was a good visit. I was sad to have to leave on Monday, but I plan on going back again without a baby. Since Joey has no desire for food right now, I think I am stuck with a nursing baby a bit longer then a year. Oh well...they are only babies once, right? I have to keep reminding myself of that too.

So I leave, and Shawn decides that our computer needed an upgrade. So he did it. And lost my checking. Now, I already don't do bills great (see post below), and now to have my Money File gone...vanish...not a trace of it! So, needless to say, it's been almost 4 weeks and I have yet to start another checking ledger, EVEN THOUGH I have gone to the bank to sign-up for on-line checking, I have yet to start that too. As I sit here typing this, I have made a list of bills that I need to pay by the end of this week. Such a pain. I have to have a day where I know I have nothing to do except stress for 4-5 hrs over checking! Geez!

Shawn was nice though and saved my hundreds of pictures to a CD, and I have yet to see if those saved. If they did not, I have no birth pictures of Lindsey, or actually really any pictures of the kids from 2003 to present. I have had a new 35mm camera for almost 2 yrs now, and have taken 1 roll of film with Joey's birth when my dig. was broken. I took the 35mm with me this summer to my parents house, but I couldn't get the film loaded, so I didn't taken any pics, and the unloaded film still sits in my 35mm, on my nightstand. Pretty sad actually.

And he saved my email addresses. Which I think he knew he better because I still thinks he remembers the yelling I did when he lost them before back before 2002 or 2003. So, he was lucky there, but I don't know about them pictures...I am kinda scared to find out because with my luck, they will be gone!

But he couldn't get the computer to do right. So, he bought a new one while I was gone. Yes, a "new" one from eBay, and it sucks ever now then before. It's sooooo slow. AT&T has said that we should have DSL by 2010. Dial-up sucks.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I was so totally blown away! I can't even think of anything else that has shocked me more than this.

Ok, let me back up some. I have always paid the bills. I used to be really good before the computer came into the picture, and was really good until the debit card came into the picture. Since then...horrible! I mean, I try, really I do, but I leave it until I can't leave it any more, and then am depressed for the whole day when I finally get it all together. Sometimes I go weeks without even looking into my checkbook. And it's not like Shawn is making tons of money anymore. We were doing great in Bryan. Oh, how I miss Bryan.

But even how sometimes I am late with bills and all, I have never not paid (ok, 2 things I didn't pay on, but I have since claimed those on my taxes). And I always always make sure my cell phone is paid because (of Holly) I don't need it turned off, and they are really good at turning it off the minute it is late, and then charging you $$ to turn it back on (I learned that because of Holly).

And even when I pay my bills I don't always look at the charges, etc... I see the amount, I pay it. So last month when my AT&T(Cingular) bill came, I saw it was over by $150, but I just figured it was Josh because he does use it a lot, and use text a lot. He paid his portion of the bill, and I paid the rest, and it was fine.

I get the new bill yesterday. OH MY GOSH I ABOUT DIED! I would say once you do have teenagers, make sure you check your minutes time to time. I never have. So $643.57 later, I am in complete shock! Shawn calls me from his cell phone the minute I was opening up the bill, and right when I flipped up my phone I yell into it "THE CELL PHONE BILL IS $643.57!! HANG UP RIGHT NOW!" So, I did, and call 611. I am freaking out: "I can't pay this!, I swear I didn't know, what can I do, I didn't make all these calls, I have to have a cell phone, and because I have been such a great costomer and never have not paid, if you take off half the charges I swear I'll never do this again!" Yes, I said all that, including the last part! I was so freaking out! AT&T being nice as the are (LOL!), took off $200, and is giving me until October 3rd instead of September 23rd to pay it (aren't they nice). We have since moved up to the next plan, and I have threatened my son & husband not to make unnecessary calls or I was taking their phones away, and have threatened my other children that if they call me on my cell while I am gone, it better because of Jacob (being a diabetic) or there is blood squirting everywhere. Not because "it's my turn for the remote, and she won't give it to me," or "do I really have to go to bed?" Because if I get those calls I will be grounding some boo-tay!

So, Hil...there is no more of me calling you to sing "You're Beautiful", "Umbrella" or "My humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps...check it out!" Ok, that is a joke between her and me... I actually don't listen to the Black-eye Peas but that song was just so "catchy!" LOL!!

Tomorrow is Kristen's 6th birthday, but we are doing her little family party tonight since Shawn is home (works tomorrow). I'll post later and do pictures of Kristen.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

School has started!

Yea, because I have 5 kids gone most of the day. Nay, because now I have to be getting up by 5am (starting next Monday when Seminary starts), but for now it's 6am. I like to sleep in.

**NOTE** I will be sending pictures to my sister over the next week for her to download on here because I have dial-up, and she does not.

All 5 started yesterday. Josh goes only until 12:03pm. One of the advantages of having a senior. Can you believe it? A SENIOR! He starts seminary next Monday in Texarkana as he is the only LDS student in his high school. He has a reputation to hold! Everyone knows he is a Mormon, and everyone, and I mean everyone who finds out that I am "Josh's mom" tells me what a great kid he is, and how they wish every kid was like him. Lauren is at the junior high school (6th grade), and will be starting French Horn on Monday. Josh played that when he was in 6th & 7th grade, and since I had paid for (and saved) that mouth piece, I told Lauren she can play French Horn or French Horn. She is excited to be playing it. Kayley is at the 4th & 5th grade school as she is in 5th grade. Next year she will be at the Junior High with Lauren, and says she is going to play flute. That's only if she gets better with piano. This is her 3rd year, and still sucks. Okay, don't tell her that, but just because she looks like Holly, doesn't mean she has her music ability. Lauren has that. Jacob started 3rd grade, and Kristen started kindergarten again. Both love it, and love riding the bus. Jacob is doing better with his diabetes, and is looking and doing great. Kristen has matured a lot more since starting kindergarten last year. I am glad that I pulled her out after a few months and had her home with me. What a difference.

Past few weeks we have had my niece, Rebekah, here. Her parents went to Jamaica for 10 days, and actually were already leaving on Saturday, when everyone else was leaving because of Hurricane Dean. They had an adventerous time trying to get out of there, but I know Rebekah is glad they are back. She was getting worried there at the end that Dean would arrive sooner. Rebekah, Lauren & Kayley had a super fun time being together for about 15 days. The week before she came here, the middle 5 had been at her house for a week, so for almost a month Rebekah has been in their lives. They loved it. The highlight, of course, was High School Musical 2, which they almost lost a few times because of pouting or fighting, but the night came for it to come on, and a thunderstorm blew over at 7:20pm for almost an hour. Because we have Dish, the storm blocked service. Talk about disappointment!! Good thing it came on the next day. All was well after that.

My dishwasher decided to quit working just before Rebekah came, and so I called a service man to come fix it. $77 dollars later, it worked...for a week then quit again. Shawn figured it was a heating element. Great! So, the whole time Rebekah was here, she, Lauren & Kayley washed dishes. On Sunday night, I got a feeling to check the dishwasher again. To let it run. How weird is that? A prompting by the Holy Ghost to restart my dishwasher? So, I did. Knock on wood, it's running and working for the 4th time since then. I hope it was just s fluke thing.

Joey, or Jory...thinking of that name...taken from JOseph aveRY...has learned to crawl! Almost has learned to sit up from a crawling position, but hasn't mastered it yet. He is a whiner. Big time. Almost makes me think there are no more children up there. LOL!!

Several years ago Shawn discovered eBay. Sometimes he would buy things without telling me first, or consult me first. He would call me from work saying..."oh, hey...I bought a bow (he bowhunts) on eBay for $550." Uh...ok...yeah, right! Well, he has found a new website. One that I reluctantly was telling him about (I was telling him about the exercise equipment that Brett & Cindy found on it), and he wanted to know where. It's Craigslist. He bought him the new tractor. Now he has bought a backhoe for it, and found a wood playset for the kids, and a boat. Yes, a boat. We will have a bass boat, so at Thanksgiving when all the mighty hunters come to hunt, if they want to go fishing at the river, then they can become the mighty fisherman (have to buy license for that too). Josh knows an excellent place to go trout fishing.

Friday, August 17, 2007

It's official...

I'm FAT!

Very depressing, and so VERY not cool.

Maybe if I do a weekly weigh-in, it would motivate me more...

Today I am 205.5

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Farm Animals

I will post more later. These are some of the dogs. The puppy, who we had since Sunday, was given away today. We named her Sassy, and she was cute, but 2 little girls in another family needed her more then we did. Lauren took the pictures of other farm animals. If anyone ever wants to get to the "farm", just let me know. We have plently of room to put people. :-)

Monday, July 23, 2007


Josh asked if he could go to Six Flags with a girl from Shreveport. "Of course", I say. "I'll drive you 90 miles one way to meet with her and her family on I-20 at 7am, and then I'll go back and pick you up later that night." Plans have now been changed where he is going to drive down in the small car and parked it at McDonalds, and drive the rest of the way with her and her family.

Shawn told me that he was buying a tractor from Denison, Tx for 9K. Sure, I have that in my bank account, and went to Farm Credit to get our first farm loan. He, Lauren and Kristen picked it up today, and I have yet to see Shawn since returning home with it.

We figured it was Jacob who caused our freezer to quit working. It actually didn't quit. Door was left open all night.

But, my dishwasher, my over $500, 2 yr old dishwasher(!) decided to quit working on the 19th. So my daughters have been washing dishes. Not that I have been cooking much because who wants to wash tons of dishes for a big family? We have been using lots of paper and plastic stuff too. Repair man coming tomorrow to repair it, hopefully.

Joey is now basically crawling on his hands and knees. And screams hysterically if I am not around. I keep reminding Cindy she DOES NOT want to do this again (I mean, her baby is 6 yrs old!).

2 big girls are in the process of making aprons. We are going to finish them this week.

My mother-in-law is making dinner tonight, and made me an Italian Cream Cake for my belated birthday. They weren't over when we had the German Chocolate Cake, so she made me a cake. She also is making my favorite dinner... purple hull peas (gag!), but I am making the cornbread, which I will eat. LOL!! I absolutely hate purple hull peas. I will never make them. So of course I will sometime in my life since I said never, but I don't plan on it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Today I'm 37!

Today is my birthday. Whoop-pee!! I made me cake last night (German Chocolate Cake) because we had a new couple from church (w/4 kids) for dinner, and I figured I might as make me my birthday cake because no one here was going to do it today. Shawn is working, and Josh had to work too. I usually make me a homemade lasagna too, but yesterday I ended up buying it at Sams. I was running out of time especially since I had to be in Texarkana yesterday for 4 hrs. It was good though, and I did good last night with only eating 1 piece of cake. I didn't get a huge piece because the people were here, and I didn't want to look like a pig. But I made up for it today by eating 2 pieces, and they weren't small. And I wasn't planning on eating the 2nd piece when I did, but I had too...

Why, you ask? Well, I ate one this morning after doing good at only eating 1 small bowl of cereal. I couldn't resist. Well, then I took Josh to work, and I was kinda depressed, so I stopped at Sonic and ate a #1 with a Route 44 Diet Dr Pepper w/easy ice. It was sooooooo good! Well, I get home, and I could tell that the other kids had planned something, and I knew it was going to be lunch (I didn't tell them I was eating at Sonic). So, I get in, and sure enough...lunch made, along with a huge piece of cake. I ate that too (I had the kids help me eat most of it). See why I can't loose weight?

Why was I depressed? Because just before taking Josh to work, kids told me that my freezer was leaking water. "It better not be!" I yelled as I was trying to get ready to go to the store when I took Josh to work (I wasn't planning on stopping at Sonic to eat...only for the drink). I go look, and sure enough, it's dripping everwhere. Look in the freezer, and everything is about thawed!! I bought this freezer on Nov. 28, 2004, so of course the warrenty has expired. Kids quickly helped by getting the food over to the in-laws freezer as I tried to figured out what was going on. Read the manual, and figured it had gotten "tripped" by the 15 sec. power outage yesterday at 4:30pm. I plug it in to a new outlet, and 4 hrs later, my freezer is cold. But I was depressed some because I didn't know why it had quit working. Tomorrow morning, kids will help me bring the food back. I want to wait all night to see if it stays working.

I did put some make-up on finally, and I feel better. Wished I could go out, but Josh left for Texarkana with the 2 big girls for church, and Shawn is coming home from work.

Shellin' purple hull peas

I'm not a fan of purple hull peas. It's a southern food that you eat with cornbread. Shawn's mom likes them with ketchup, and that grosses me out. When I was pregnant with Joey, I ate them mostly because that's what she was fixing for dinner, and since that's what she cook, I ate. She fixed them again a few nights ago, and I just couldn't bring myself to eat them. I ate the cornbread because I fixed it, but I just cannot eat peas. Black-eyed peas are just as bad, but I will eat them on New Year's Day (to bring you good luck) whenever I do fix them. Here are the kids shellin' them one day in June...

Friday, July 13, 2007

Thanks Hilary!

Hilary knows a lot of things about computers especially Blogger. I so do not know how to do the "extra" things that could make your website or Blogger look cool. When I first did Blogger, I asked Hilary to make it look cool. Since getting back on Blogger, I have gotten her back on, and she has seen the cool things that one can do, and I told her I needed an update on my Blogger. So, this is what she has done. I know she redid the title a few weeks ago, but it was just today that I saw my pictures like this, and the little "farm" cartoons there on the right. LOL!!!


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Our garden

Shawn has done a garden for the past 2 years. The first garden that he ever did was in 1996. He loved doing it. Our squash plants got so huge, and our squash got so big. I didn't think they were suppose to get that big, but you couldn't tell him that. I mean, HUGE!! The next year, I went to HEB and bought a squash, and brought it home. I told him his squash needed to be that big only. He grew them right after that. When we moved to our house on Ethel Blvd. we couldn't have a garden. We could've I suppose, but the dirt in the backyard was horrible. Shawn didn't want to have to mess with it just yet. 5 years later we sold the house, and never once did he plant a garden. The year we moved here, Shawn's dad had somewhat of a garden in my backyard, and Shawn did not like that. He surveyed the land, and decided that part of the front pasture could be turned into a beautiful garden. Shawn, Josh and his dad went to work over the fall/winter months to have the garden plot ready. By Spring of 2006, it was ready to be planted. We had a good crop of squashes, watermelon, tomatoes, peppers, onions, corn and purple hull peas. This year, about 1/2 of tomato plants have died, and Shawn has replanted them. He also planted 50+ blackberry stalks last year, and this year they are beautiful plants, and we have tons and tons of blackberries. As I type this, I am making another blackberry cobbler. See why I can't loose weight? And what has to go on blackberry cobbler? Vanilla ice cream of course! Anyway, so we have more squashes growing, and have had a few zuchinni here and there, but not as many as yellow squash. The other day I made zuchinni nut bread, and oh my gosh it was good. My kids loved it...only because I told them at first it was banana bread, and once they were done with it, and told me how good it was, did I tell them it was zuchinni bread. Only Kayley knew it wasn't (banana bread) because she helped me make it. I made a yellow squash bake today that they sell at the Black-eyed Pea, and it was really yummy. Don't know if I will make it much again, but it was good and it used up 5 lbs of squash. I froze 1/2 of a 9x12 pan of it. I've already froze about 7 lbs of squash as well. We are hoping for a good crop of purple hull peas. What are those, you ask? Well, they are like black-eye peas, but aren't. Shawn's mom makes them during the winter months with a ham-hock and corn bread, but this fall, after spending hours and hours picking them, washing them, freezing them (Lauren & Kayley helped with all of it), we lost it all. Shawn's mom had them in the deep-freeze, and Shawn's dad unplugged the freezer months later to use the plug, and forgot to plug it back in. About a week later or so Shawn's mom and Kayley goes to the freezer (this freezer is in the outside storage room, BTW), and they noticed the smell. Let's just keep it at that. Shawn's mom got a new freezer for Christmas from her children.

I figured this out!

I finally figured that when you download pictures, you can choose a size you want, so it doesn't matter if I have already fixed the picture on Adobe. Make sense? Now I am going to go back and post about some of the pictures I have taken of the kids...

When mom was here visiting a few weeks ago, we went to Dollar General. I let the girls buy a $1 make-up kit. This is what Lindsey did with hers. It was promptly thrown away after that.

The stroller

You can kind of see how long Lindsey's hair is (no I didn't cut any of their hair like I previously said). This is also the doll stroller that Kristen, Lindsey and now Joey have all been pushed around in. The picture was taken the week of May 20th.

Lindsey is chillin' in the stroller as a baby. Unfortunately I don't have a dig. picture of Krissy in it as well, but she liked it too.

My baby

I can't believe he is 5 months old in this picture. This is my new favorite one of him so far.

Lindsey is 5 months in this picture of her too. Look at all that hair she had!! Poor Joey has nothing compared to her.

Both are cuties though. I absolutely loved doing Lindsey's hair. I still do. Her hair is down to the top of her boo-tay.


I never know what to title the new blogs that I post because nothing ever exciting happens here. I did call Mom the other day telling her something, and I remember laughing about it, but I have no clue what I was telling her about. My memory is going fast, and it's scaring me since I've always been able to remember everything.

Josh has been debating of going to Ellison HS. I've called the school and talked to a counselor there about his grades and classes he would need for next year. Apparently he was going to have to take the TAKS test, but now they went away with the TAKS, so I don't know now. On Sunday we heard that a new family with 4 daughters in Young Women were moving into our ward! Talk about excited!! We go to the church last night for activities/meetings, and they were there. Well, only 3 of them were. The oldest, age 17, is kind of inactive and had already found her a job working a Sonic (my fav. place!), so she wasn't there. Josh hit it off with the 15 yr old, who turns 16 in November. Not sure yet what he will do now. He may end up staying here because of her. She is cute, I will say. They are from St. George. He is currently mad at me. I had to almost yell at him this morning (yikes!) to shush-up because he would not listen. We upgraded his cell phone last month, and he swears he has already paid for the upgrade. I told him he had not, that he had paid for the bill before and for some fishing stuff that I bought him at Walmart (he said he would pay me back). He swears he paid the $18 upgrade. Would not listen. So now he is mad because he knows he is going to have a big phone bill this time. I told him from the start as well, with this new phone, that he only had 150 text messages for this phone period and anything over that amount he would have to pay. In 1 week he said he already used them all, and was over 200. I told him I hope he had the money. Anyway, teenagers...wait until you have them!! LOL!!

Rest of the kids are doing good. School was out for them last Friday, and we have been enjoying sleeping in until 7:30 or so. Can't sleep all day, even though I would love too. I've been making sure they are up, dressed, beds made, dishes done, chores done and breakfast done so that we can read scriptures and have prayer at 9am abouts. They have been doing really good, and playing with each other really well since this is all they have. We don't live close to neighbors, or kids for that fact. Lauren and Kayley love using the riding lawnmower about 1-2 times a week. Next week is the Miller Family Reunion. On Sunday it's at my house after church for lunch. I don't think we'll have as many as we did at Thanksgiving. At least I'm not planning on it.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


I cannot get Adobe to work. It keeps freezing up on me, so therefore I haven't been able to edit pictures. Maybe I'll try again later. I have some cute pics of the kids that I want to post.

Joseph was sick Sunday night/early Monday morning. Fever and could not breathe. Only reason I took him in to the doctor that morning was because a month or so ago he had an ear infection (or so she fever though), and I just wanted to make sure that he didn't have another one. He checked out fine. He has been great since then, with only small amount of congestion. He has actually slept pretty well considering. I did go in there this morning to check him, and he was so cute lying there (awake) sucking on his 2 fingers! I tried so hard with that MAM!! I think Jared sucks on his fingers too. Girls have been pushing him around in the doll stroller today. I am going to post a pic of him and Lindsey at the same age, and just check out the hair that Lindsey had at 4-5 months!

Kristen & Lindsey got their hair cut yesterday. I CUT IT OFF!!!! Yeah, let's see who reads this and responds to that. LOL!!

Jacob won first place with his Battle of the Books competion. In the link, there are 2 pictures of Jacob. The 3rd picture, he is on the far left, and on the 4th picture, he is the far right.

Kayley was bummed out last night that she couldn't go to church. But she is only in Primary still, and not Young Womens like Lauren! Last night was Lauren's first time to go to YW activity, and she loved it. Her YW President was just put in a few weeks ago after serving as Lauren's Primary teacher/Activity Leader for the past 2 years. She really loved her and is excited that she can still be with her. Kayley survived last night being home by herself with 2 little brothers and sisters, and was fine when I told her she could watch some TV. Kayley also got on the Ashdown website. She is in the top right picture, middle student with the pink shirt on.

Josh is so bummed. His life sucks right now he says. No soccer in Ashdown, no Mormon girls in Ashdown, no nothin' in Ashdown. I can see how he feels. Ashdown sucks. I called to see how much Texarkana TX schools would cost us if he wanted to go there...$3000 a year. Don't know about that, since gas prices are so high too. I suggested he live with Mimi and Gramps in Killeen and go to EHS. He is debating going to Ellison, as Shawn said he wouldn't mind since he would be living with some good people. We are still sorting things out, and I have to call EHS back next week. I mean, it would be sad if he was to go live there, as in 2 1/2 short years he will be leaving on his mission. I want my baby to stay here as long as possible. But it's not like we would never see him. I already have all the trips planned that he would take back to us, or us to see him. His girly-friend, Louissa has cooled off their long-distance relationship too, so he is totally bummed about that. She is suppose to be going to EFY this summer with Josh, so we shall see. He is a good kid. I hardly ever have any problems with him. In fact, I have none except for the occasional smart-mouth, but that's normal. The Bishop told me the other night "that whatever you are doing with your children, to keep it up. You have great kids." Awwwwwwwwwww, made me feel good.

I've lost 5 lbs so far. I've cut back the Dr Pepper, but I have had 2 this week. Better then 5! LOL!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mother's Day Weekend

I guess I should have posted this earlier, but I actually forgot all about this blog this past week. I need to take more pictures of my kids too since I have gotten my dig. camera to work now.

Shawn was actually home for Mother's Day this year. I think he was last year too, but I don't remember it. Shawn got me a corsage to wear to church...always pink, and always very pretty. I should say that I got myself the corsage since I am the one that goes pays for it and one for his mom too. But he always takes the credit. Oh well. I also got my mom a corsage from Christall's Flowers in Killeen. I was trying to decide what I wanted for dinner, since I was going to have to also make sure Shawn's mom got dinner too. Shawn is not a cook, nor is his dad, but Shawn could survive if he had too. Not sure about his dad. He doesn't even know how to make oatmeal in a microwave. Anyway, my kids wanted to make me breakfast in bed. Umm, no. Why? Because I have to get up early, and Sunday is about the only day I literally have to drag my kids out of bed, and I knew no one would be up before 6am to get me breakfast, so I said no just because I didn't want the hassle of me getting them up. LOL!! So, like I said, I got up early (6:30am), got in the shower, got Joey bathed & dressed, got me ready, started dragging kids out of bed, called Josh on his cell phone 5 times to tell him to get in the shower for the 100th time, got kids fed, got dresses picked and hair done and finally at 8:30 was able to sit down for a moment to feed Joey. I can't believe I do this every Sunday! Just typing this made me tired! Oh, and I made a cake as well before heading to church because I knew if the cake didn't get made, I wouldn't have my favorite dessert after dinner (coconut cake). After church Shawn thought it would be good to go find an in-active elder on his list. Okay...2 hrs later we are finally home, and I somewhat got a small nap on the couch. I already had the chicken marinating in the soy sauce for teryaki chicken. Josh made dinner. I really didn't do anything else for dinner after that. It was good. Kinda nice not having to make dinner for once, and then my mother-in-law rinsed the dishes as I fed Joey, even though I told her not to worry about the dishes. Shawn did go in there and took over. He is good about doing the dishes.

On Saturday, my mother-in-law, Lauren & I went shopping at JCPenny's. She wanted to get Lauren some new clothes since Lauren's birthday is the 20th. Can you believe she is going to be 12? We found her some cute stuff, and I went to look for something nice to wear for Mother's Day. Of course I am to fat to wear anything in the size I want to buy, so I didn't get anything. I don't know why I can't get more gung-ho about loosing weight because I know 2 people (Hil & Kenna) who have lost weight, and they look so good!!! Why can't I get more motivated? All I want to do is eat and eat!! Yeah, I'm nursing a baby, but still! My goal is to loose 10 lbs by July 1st. Let's see if that will happen. I need a gym close by. Now that gas prices are over $3/gallon here, no way can I go in to Texarkana daily. I need to just buy a walking machine. I love using those.

Friday, May 11, 2007

My day

I got up this morning after sleeping quiet good since Joey slept all night. I get kids to school, nurse Joey, get the girls dressed (Lindsey didn't match today, but she didn't go anywhere, and I rather play in old clothes then nice clothes), and sit down in front of the computer to check email. As soon as I get off, my sister-in-law called me. She is Shawn's brother's wife. She is my maid. She wanted to know if I needed her this morning. I was like "Heck ya!". She comes over, and starts on the 2 bathrooms...4 hrs later she leaves with $40. I offered her more, but she said $40 was good. But a freakin' 4 hrs later!!! My bathrooms are spotless now. I told the kids they better not even think of bringing dirt into the bathroom! It's so hard living on a farm and having dirt brought in day after day. Now that they are cleaned good, I should be able to keep up with them for a while, or at least Kayley will. LOL!! That's the hardest thing I have. Since I can't get my Mom to come up to clean my frige, I mean to visit, guess I'll have Mary (sister-in-law) clean my friges next and maybe do the windows. I am just soooooooooooo not into housework, and I sooooooooooooo am tired all the time. I think I have fibermyalgea or however the heck you spell it. My TSH on my thryoid came back good, so I don't know what else it could be unless it's just because I have 7 kids. I dunno. Anyway, so when she finally leaves like at noon, I hit the bed again for a 2 hr nap, then I get in the shower and take Lauren & Kayley to piano as soon as they got home at 3:40. The 2 little girls are with Shawn or Mamaw and I had Joey in the bed with me. We had breakfast for dinner tonight, and then I nursed Joey some more and got him in bed. I did the dishes, had Lauren & Jacob finish up some folding while they watched "The Testaments" upstairs, and got Kayley (who was crying and carrying on again because she wanted to watch "Night at the Museum"), Kristen & Lindsey in bed. And with that, I'm off to bed too...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Of course...

I didn't get to sleep until after midnight, and by 4am, Joey was crying. I go get him and nurse him in bed with me. Next thing I know the alarm is going off~again. I didn't even hear it the first time! I am sure I did as I hit the snooze, but as I laid there thinking about it, I couldn't remember it going off at 5:40am. Yeah! 5:40am! Have to get 1 to seminary (last day is the tomorrow!), and the other 3 out the door by 7:10am to catch the bus. Jacob runs down to get me the paper, but before I can get to section B, Joey is crying again. I sit back on the couch, and nurse him. I then get up and get Shawn some breakfast (hey, I hardly ever make him breakfast, so when I offered like a good little wife, he was like "heck yeah"!). By then the girls were over at Mamaw's, but not dressed, and Shawn left to work on the fence for the goats (I tell ya, the post is coming!). Hmmmmmmm, I thought...nothing on my calendar, I'm going back to bed. This is now like 8-something, maybe close to 9. Have Joey in bed with me. I keep hearing the girls coming in and out of the house. I wasn't really sleeping great, but I was in the bed. At 11:10am, the girls come back in, and says that Shawn needs me at the door. Geez! Get up, walk to the back door, and he yells up to me that he needs 2- 80 lb bags of QuickCrete from Ashdown. "Go get it yourself" I wanted to yell. But, I didn't. Joey was still sleeping, so I jumped into the shower. At least it was a quiet shower. Yesterday I had 3 kids crying all at the same time while trying to shower. I get out, and look at the girls. OF COURSE they got dressed by themselves hours earlier, and OF COURSE I didn't see what they had on, and OF COURSE they have on nice clothes, and OF COURSE they are now covered in mud and dirt. Into the tub they go so we can go to town. I squirt some Baby Magic in the tub with them, and it bubbles up some. I tell them to rinse up good and get out. Didn't have time to really scrub them. They get out...the tub is left brown. We go to town getting the few things Shawn needed, and decide to head to McDonalds~again~to have some lunch. I am trying to loose weight, so I ordered a snack wrap w/out cheese, and have a water. I only got the girls a burger and chocolate cake. Lindsey didn't like that at all. She cried and cried for fries, but I told her next time. I didn't want to eat the fries. I was trying to be good. We then go to Walmart, and we get the tomato cages, and a King-size bag of peanut M&M's for me. And then I stop at Sonic to get me a Route 44 Diet Dr Pepper for me. Good thing I didn't have those fries! See why I can't loose weight? No will-power for that long. I love to eat, and I love to eat sugary, full of carbos, stuff.

We get home, and I nurse Joey. He lays on his blanket to play, and next thing I know he has fallen asleep himself, w/out anyone holding him! I pick him up and snuggle with him for a moment, and go lay him in his crib.

Fast foward to the mail, and sorting out bills, and realizing that I didn't pay 2 bills on-time, and so I was on-line paying those. Cleaned up the kitchen some, did some laundry, fixed dinner, went to an in-active sister's house up the road to visit with her and her visiting brother, who is from Utah, a bishop and the head dude over the Church Welfare System/Humanitarian Dept. (his name was in the Church News a lot during the Hurrican Katrina thing...Benny Lilly), came home put kids in bed after hearing 5 kids cry that they didn't want to go to bed or take baths, nursed the baby some more, did the dishes, cleaned up some more, looked at the laundry, and allowed Josh to go to Sonic to meet with his girlfriend, Morgan, only if he brought me home another Route 44 Diet Dr Pepper, and it's 10:20pm.

Hand-me-downs at 36?

You would think I was a little to old for hand-me-downs. I am wearing some shirts that Hilary gave me because I am still fat, and she is not. She has been loosing a lot of weight, so when I went to visit her I told her if she was to small for some of her shirts, I could use them. So, I wear them. Geez! Oh, well. I don't plan on being this way forever, but at the moment I could use a few more shirts. Let me tell ya, being the fattest sister now is so not cool! LOL!! But then again, I've had 7 kids, so no one else had excuses, but still! I don't see myself as being obese, but when I look in the mirror...well, mirrors don't lie. It's been really hard for me with not loosing the weight easy because I was always so skinny in high school and all the way up until I had Jacob. Took me almost a year, but I got back into size 10 after having Jacob. I haven't seen size 10 since. I haven't seen size 12 since for that fact either. I did buy some size 12/14 maternity jeans, but that doesn't count. topic there. Glad I have a sister I can get hand-me-downs from. I am sure she is glad that she can't get them from me anymore. LOL!

And then Josh decides he needs he needs a new cell phone. Oh, the joys of teenagers! So we go to Sams last night to look at the ones there. He wasn't ligable for a new one yet, but I was. ME! I could have gotten a new Razr or something cool like that. I didn't even have a flip phone. So being the cool mom that I am, I let him choose the phone he liked, and I let him have it. They put his SIMS card in the new one, and I put mine in his old flip phone. No camera on mine, but at least it's a flip. A hand-me-down cell phone. Geez!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ok, so I lied...

This is me. I took it this morning after my haircut. I feel so much better whenever I get my haircut. I always know when I need it cut because for one, it never does right, and 2, I don't want to put on make-up or even do my hair because of number one. LOL!! I need my hair cut every 4 weeks, and colored every 8. Such a price one has to pay to stay beautiful! LOL!! Anyway, just thought I would share before I head out into the heat and humidity (where my hair will "fall") to take pics of the goats (new post to come).

Monday, May 07, 2007


This past weekend was a family get-together at Shawn's brother's house. They had some cake purchased from Walmart, and last night they brought the rest over to us. There was a good-size square peice left, and I told the kids after FHE tonight then they could each have a small piece. This afternoon I take Joey over to Mamaw's house (she likes to hold him...I like for her to hold him especially when I am trying to get dinner done) while Jacob is at the table doing his homework. I get back, and the frosting is gone, and a piece is gone. "Jacob, did you do this?" No, Mom. "Now, Jacob you know you can't have this, why did you eat it?" I didn't Mom. I go sit by him, trying to be serious but trying not to laugh because he has colored frosting on his mouth, his tongue is bright pink and his teeth are colored. So, I call over to Mamaw's to see if the girls ate it, and he then confessed that he did. Of course we had another serious talk about how he just cannot do that. I think when his blood sugar tonight was almost 500, I think he realized it. Of course I tried not to freak out to much, but silly boy!


Kayley turned 10 on April 1st. We had a small family party for her. I am so not into friend parties, but I do have them occasionally for them. She wanted new glasses this year, so she got them the week of her birthday. She was excited for them. We are also big fans of cupcakes now because it's easier for Jacob and his diabetes. Kayley is still the little mama. She recently earned some money working with her dad cutting down trees, and she bought herself a Wheel of Fortune hand-held game. She's getting quite good with it. She also got a new bike for her birthday, so she was beyond thrilled with that.


Lindsey recently got her ears pierced. She is 3. She's been wanting them done for a while. I actually was going to get Kayley's done (again!) on her birthday, but she chickened out, but Lindsey didn't. She was so brave. She picked little pink "diamonds". She is so proud of them. Lindsey is a hoot. She loves to tease Kristen, carry Joey, and to shake her booty at you, especially when she knows she is doing something she isn't suppose to be doing. Her favorite saying right now is "hello dum-dum...I want gum-gum" (from the movie "Night at the Museum"). She has been banned from gum because she got a big wad of it in the back of her hair! I thought I was going to have to cut it off! It finally came out with some ice, but it's the 2nd time she has had gum stuck in her hair. Lindsey no longer sucks pacis! Can you believe it, family? I got her off of them! No more MAMS (sniff sniff) for us as Joey will not suck them...and I tried so hard! She get 1 Starburst every morning if she sleeps the night without them. As soon as the bag is empty, I won't by anymore. It's been a week, I think, maybe longer. She also gets another Starburst if she stays in her bed the whole night. So tired of kids in bed with me! Gets old after a while! She is getting big, and loves the outdoors. We got 5 goats today (post on that later), and she thinks it's cool.

Joey, 4 months

Joey, May 2007

Joey, May 2007

Joey & Lindsey, May 2007

It's funny because even though I have 7 children, and I should be a pro by now, I still forget things. It finally dawned on me the other day that Joey wasn't rolling over. He is 4 months old afterall. But how would I know if he was rolling over? The child has been held every second of the day his whole life so far! So I took out Mimi's quilt that she made, and laid it out, and put Joey on his stomach. He immediately flipped over. Again and again he kept doing it. He never did it in his crib before I laid him on the floor. Since then I have gone in and he is on his back. He now also flips from his back to stomach too, starting yesterday.

The first 3 months...

Lindsey & Krissy pushing Joey (4 weeks old)in the doll stroller. That stroller has also been used for Krissy & Lindsey when they were babies.

Joey, 6 weeks old

Joey (3 months) and cousin, Jared (4 weeks), March 2007

Joey, 3 months old

Our new baby

Joseph was born 12-27-06. He is now 4 months old. He was not a good baby at first with sleeping and all. He has gotten better over the last month & a half or so, and is such a good little baby. He is a very sweet baby.