All because two people fell in love...

We met in February 1989, started dating in May, and got married in September. And Josh came *almost* 11 months later, just in case y'all were wondering. And then no more came. We waited, and waited, and then Lauren decided to make her debut in May 1995 (5 weeks early), and then Kayley 1997, Jacob 1998, Krissy 2001, Lindsey 2004 & Joey 2006. We lived in Texas until 2005, and then we moved to Arkansas, just about 25 miles north of Texarkana, Texas. Fortunately all my children are Texans (and my handsome husband) because Texans are just cool. Wish I was a Texan... but husband had to settle with a California gal, which I think is pretty cool too.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Sick kids again

I swear, if I have another sick kid, I am going to scream! After posting here yesterday, I checked Lindsey, and she had a 104.4 fever. I took her in the doctor here in town, and they rechecked her... 105.5! They called the insurance company to get approved of her being seen by this doctor (we are suppose to be going to doctors in Shreveport, LA area). They approved, and they then did a check x-ray, urine test & strep test, which all came back negative (yeah!). Doc says that Lindsey's tonsils are huge. We leave with Amoxicillin.

I called Shawn, and he reminded me that Jacob was the same way when he was that age. He would spike these high fevers all the time, and never seem to get well. Finally I took him to our friend, the ENT in Bryan, and he took his tonsils. He told us that Jacob had an abcessed tonsil, and that even taking medicine for the rest of his life, it probably wouldn't get rid of the abcess. He said it was the right thing to do, as in getting them out. Besides having Diabetes, and getting the stomach virus in January, the kid is never sick. My oldest 5 have all had their tonsils out, and all have been generally well since. Before they got them out, we were always at the doctor. A lot of controversary out there about about how getting tonsils out can cause Diabetes or thyroid problems, but I've also read a lot on how the OBV vaccine can cause Diabetes too. So who knows. All I know is that Lindsey is sick again... 3 times since Jan. 1st! With high fevers! I think it's time to get tonsils out.

Joey has started snoring. Tonsils out too? And with him sleeping in bed with us... now I get to listen to 2 people snore at night! Plus starting Saturday to get up at 2-3am to check Jacob's sugars... yeah, I will be getting lots of sleep!

If I am grouchy whenever I speak to you, please don't take it personal. I've just lost the most precious thing to me for, yet, another year... a good nights sleep!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Today is better

Not as dramatic as yesterday with all the crying going on. Joey isn't eating food for the moment. He's a pretty smart little kid. I guess he figures if he doesn't eat food, then he will have to nurse all day! Lindsey had a fever last night. But doesn't have one right now, and is watching Dora upstairs. I don't know when the last time she watched Dora. Since having the TV upstairs, it has cut down all of our TV watching, except for Josh since his room is upstairs too. Not that he watches a lot of it anyway...

Kayley's teacher just called me to tell me that her glasses broke. Great! Can't take her in to Walmart right now (in Texarkana) until I get Lauren's dental appt. over with. I may stop at Sams on the way home and pick up some pizza since going to Texarkana is going to cut into my making-dinner-for-the-family time. Oh, darn!

My to-do list for today (besides what I already posted):
1) restart some wash
2) take a shower
3) do dishes
4) feed lunch to Lindsey

And Lindsey just came downstairs... fever again! Great! Let me go find some Tylenol & Motrin, and call the doctor!

Happy b-lated Birthday, Scott!

I was suppose to post something about it yesterday, and forgot. Geez, I wonder why?! Yesterday my baby brother (& youngest sibling) turned 25! A quarter century old! Wow!! Happy Birthday Scott! We love ya!!

Today is my brother-in-law's birthday. Paul is 35? How old are you Paul? He is married to my sister, Hilary (the sister coming to visit @ Spring Break).

February was a busy month for birthday's in my family. I think March just has 2... my niece, Rebekah (12!) & brother-in-law, Jon. I think Jon will be 35 too. This is Rebekah. I just saw the picture on my computer the other day. I think Lauren or Kayley must have taken it when went to my parents a few weeks ago. Lauren and Rebekah are going to Girls Camp in Killeen & Shreveport (stakes) this year. They are so excited! Rebekah is telling Lauren about all the pranks they are going to do, and I have warned Lauren she better not! LOL!!

That inner feeling...

or as we call it, the Holy Ghost. You know, I need to rely on him just a bit more. I have told countless stories to my mom about how I had that "feeling", and I didn't follow through. Again, I didn't listen yesterday:

Lauren has earned quite a bit of money. She will get her booty out there and work in those chicken houses whenever she is needed because she knows she will get paid something. Lauren reminds me of my brother, Todd. He always earned his money & saved it especially if he knew a trip was coming up. Lauren had her money, and went to Walmart with me the other day. She only bought a few small things, as she is wanting to save it for Girls Camp this summer. The more she has, the more she can get for her secret sister. On Monday, I let Josh take the Suburban to school/work, but he had to drop Lauren off at school because she had a project with her. She takes her wallet out of her purse and places it on the seat. Yesterday morning before school she went to go get it, and could not find it. After school she looked again, and could not find it. Comes in upset. I go out with her, and we clean the Suburban out (a rarity) to see if we can find it (also because Josh had to pick up the Elders, and I didn't want them to see a messy car!). Could not find it! Found everything else, but not that. I had a feeling to check my purse. Naaaaaaa... it wouldn't be in there. I have been in my purse 2 times already that day, and didn't see it.

Josh comes home from Seminary this morning, and asks if I have seen his moisturizer lotion. I told him to check my purse because I might have stuck it in there when I was cleaning out the car. He pulls out Lauren's wallet instead. I was shocked, to say the least, but so happy! She had already left for school and was still a bit upset from loosing it. I told her to check the lost & found at school just in case it fell out of the car when she got out. She knew if it was there, her $35 would be gone (her wallet was stolen before and then found, but her $1.50 was gone). I am picking her up today for a dentist appt, so she will be happy when she sees it. I love seeing her smile! :-)

BTW... Josh's lotion was on the stairs. A snake would have bit him!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The insulin pump

Tonight was the night that I had to change it for the first time by myself. So, in the mist of a baby screaming his head off because I couldn't hold him for the 30 minutes, Jacob & I figured it out ourselves! I did good. I am quite proud. It's not easy. One thing that I will have to do for the next year, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, is get up at 2-3am to check Jacob's blood sugar. They have to have the readings during the night to start adjusting. At the end of the year, we should be able to go all night without checking. So now that means I won't get a good night's sleep for another year... oh, wait! I haven't sleep all night since the night before Joey was born!

And the insurance company will pay 75% of the sensor for the pump, which I thought it came with, but didn't. Shawn & I are going to see what we can do. The pump isn't cheap ($6000+), so I am sure the sensor is a bit pricy.

I am writing a book

It's going to be called, Heidi and the horrible, terrible, no good very bad cry day. It's about Heidi who has to care for 2 children during the day, and all they do is cry. Cry over nothing. Cry because he can't be attached to Heidi 24/7. Cry because he can't see Heidi. Cry because he doesn't want to nap. Cry because just for the sake of crying. Cry because she is cold and doesn't want to get dressed to keep her warm. Cry because she wants waffles even though she won't eat waffles. Cry because she doesn't want cereal, and then cries 1 hr later because she wants cereal. Cry when I hold them, cry when I don't hold them. Cry when I cry. And all her husband did was laugh at her when she called him to tell him that she was about to commit harry carry.

Think I'll make a lot of money?

Argh! My life has been taken over by a 14 month old!

Help!! All he wants to do is touch me all day, nurse all day, and nurse & sleep with me all night! My life is being runned by a 14 month old!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Being Redneck

My sister-in-law, Val, left a comment in my Mouse a la mode post saying that I was redneck, or that was redneck, or something like that. Well, I'm proud to be a Redneck! :-D

Never thought it would happen to me. I swore when I married Shawn that we would never move here, or at least never live on this farm. I was a "proper" city girl, and my kids always matched, girls always had bows in their head, and they never got dirty. Josh asked once if he could get dirty. I may not have had brand-new furniture, but I thought my house(s) looked nice even if it wasn't the best.

Now, I'm lucky if I can even get them to put on something that even looks remotely clean or matching. LOL!! I have started back with the bows in the little girls hair (thanks Aubrey!). But that's only for church & school. If we are going to Walmart, heck I don't care if they are wearing boots (which was a no-no for me before) with shorts or a dress. I don't care if they still have Ketchup on their face, or a Kool-aid smile, from the day before (ok, maybe not the day before, but that day).

My living room furniture is ugly. When we were about to move here, Shawn told me that I could get some new couches that December. Well, almost 3 yrs later, and I am still using the Goodwill couches that Shawn's mom left for us. Yes, she had those things in this house before she moved out, and still thinks they are very nice! Yes, they are nice that I can use them instead of sitting on the floor, but nice as in nice looking? GROSS! Maybe one of these days I can get some new leather couches. Until then, I will use my ugly redneck couches in my redneck house.

My redneck house is so not done. Insulation sticking out of here and there. The redneck stairs are horrible. The trimmings and borders are redneck, and my A/C unit "door" is so redneck. Shawn puts the "door" back up, and leaves it on the silver side. WHY? At least put the white side up to kinda blend. LOL!!

I will say I am rather embarrassed to live in a Redneck house. I hate it. Josh doesn't want me to do a graduation party for him unless the foyer and dining room are done, but oh, well. We are Redneck, so it'll fit the part!

Crazy weather!

Yesterday my mom calls, who lives 1 hr. north of Austin, and says it's 90! We only got to the low 70's, but it was nice. Today it's only suppose to be in the 50's. Same with my mom's place! Crazy! I'm so looking forward to Spring/Summer again. Ok, maybe not the hottest part of the summer, but I am looking for some warmth!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mouse a la mode

A couple of weeks ago, Josh and I would sometimes smell something, like maybe a dead mouse. We've smelled it before, so we know that a dead mouse looms somewhere in the kitchen. Just this past week, I open up the top oven to put a dish in, and there is a mouse tail. Serious! A mouse tail. Just laying there. I looked up and down, and all over the oven and I could not see a dead mouse. Kinda freaked me out a bit, but what could I do? Nothing! All I had was a mouse tail.

Tonight I turn on the top oven again to use the broiler. I am holding Joey, and waiting for the cheese toast to get done, and there it is! Stuck in the outer upper part of the oven, is a dried up dead mouse! It looked like it was trying to get INTO my stove top! Totally grossed me out. I would have seen it the other day when I was looking, so all I can think of is because now it was dried up to nothing, and maybe when I was using the oven today, it cause it to come down in the crack. Missing it's tail too. So, there you have it...

Mouse a la mode!

And it's Easters

Not Easter. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, go watch Nacho Libre. It'll never be Easter again in my house... only Easters.

Spring Break

Everytime I start thinking about it, I find more and more I should do during that week. Lauren has an ortho appt that Monday (after Easters), so I know for sure we can't leave until Tuesday. I thought I had something Tuesday now, but maybe I was dreaming it. Anyway, if all goes as planned, I should be going to Mom's & Dad's that Tuesday. I don't think Josh will be going because he is going to work and I am sure he will have a few days of Seminary since the other school districts in the area will have their Spring Break before us. Shawn will be working because he wants to get lots of hours in before May 1st. If he can get so many hours in before May 1st in overtime, then he gets another pay raise on top of the pay raise he already gets in June. By first part of October, he will be making just as much as he was making at St. Joes. Only problem is the gas. If gas prices go up more, we are going to be in trouble! At least Lauren won't have Seminary for another 2 years, and with more kids her age in Ashdown, chances are Seminary will be in Ashdown.

Then my sister calls today, the one who lives in KY, and wants to come down during their Spring Break, which she thinks is the week after ours. I don't know if I can let my kids out of school since they have already missed so much! Maybe I'll let them do 1/2 day 1 day or something. She said she spoke to my mom, and if she comes, then my mom is coming up, and if Mom is coming up, then I am sure more siblings will come since they will want to see Hilary too. Geez! I'm not up to a family reunion yet! LOL!!

And he's off!

Yep, my baby has started to walk. Just a step or two here and there, and he's getting the hang of standing by himself too. I guess yesterday when he saw his buds... Hayden, Lawsen & Kellen all walking by themselves, he better too. Joey is the youngest of that bunch, but only by a month from Hayden (who is the oldest). Hayden just started walking though too, so I don't feel bad that Joey is almost 14 months old and not walking. Kellen started at 10 months, and Lawsen right about a month or so ago. I'll see if I can get a picture posted, but don't count on it. This is my 7th baby. Seriously, Heidi A.~ does your mom have as many pictures of you as a baby, as she did her first? I know being the oldest of 8, my youngest sibling has nothing compared to me. Isn't that sad? Why do we do that? Josh & Lauren's books are filled, while Kayley's is alright, and Jacob's are in the right pages, just not fixed yet, and the rest... well, I need to go print pictures off the computer!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My absolute favorite picture of Lindsey

Some of you have seen this one before, but I just love it! Lindsey was 20 months old.

This one's for you!

Joey loves to pick his nose! And then he likes to share with you! Don't know if anything else is on his finger besides snot. Gotta love 'em!

What is it with men, or my husband?

Anyone who has been to my somewhat-of-a-livable house has seen all of Shawn's junk, I mean tools & stuff, under the stairs. Well, Joey has learned to take off some of the caps. Especially the caps to oil. Right after his bath. ARGH!! WHY CAN'T SHAWN PUT STUFF AWAY?!

On a brighter note, Joey has learned to love his baths. I think he screamed every single time he had a bath his first year. In fact, it's not think, it's HE DID SCREAM EVERYTIME! Joey hasn't been exactly a piece of cake... guess I had to had a "rebel" this time since Lindsey was just perfect! LOL!! Here are some pictures of him and the girls in a bubble bath the other night. Krissy loves to pose!

Not to sure what Lindsey was doing to him... LOL!!

Thanks Rebecca!

So my friend calls me today and begs me to come get all of the Barbie crap at her house. I guess she thinks I really need more crap at my house, so I went to get it. Not only now do have 3 Barbie cars for the girls to sit on and sail down my hallway (see why I have the title below as I do?), but now we have a carriage with a horse and this noise maker singy thingy that the Barbie stands on that lights up. Since I have been home for about an hour, all I have heard are girls fighting because of it... and it's not my little girls, it's the big girls! Jacob was mad that he didn't get anything from Rebecca and begged to play with Prince Ken, but Lauren won't let him. Geez!

Friday, February 22, 2008

The never-ending pile

Will it ever go away? I hate laundry! I have so much of it! I can't seem it get a grip of it. I wash at least 100 pairs of jeans a week... ok, maybe not that many, but close! I just have pile after pile after pile of clothes. 2-3 piles of whites, 2-3 piles of colors, a pile of reds, loads of towels & jeans, a load of bleach. Just never gets done! And then the folding! Good thing I have kids!

I got teary-eyed today

I was in the Suburban listening to the CD that was in there. It's the Michael McLean one of all the music from Heavenly Father's Plan, Together Forever, and the other one. Anyway, this morning Josh flipped it to his favorite song, #11, and I then started talking to him, etc... not really even listening to the music. So, this afternoon I am coming home from town, and I can't find anything decent on the radio (80's music... where are you?!), so I turn the CD back on. I then remembered his favorite song, and I go there. It's the "together forever someday" song. Talking about memories that will never go away, and blah, blah, blah. I then I thought about how he is going to be gone soon. Going to college, then his mission, and that's that. This is the end of his childhood with me! I almost started crying, but I didn't even though I had tears in my eyes.

Lt. brown tooth

Lindsey fell a few weeks ago, or was it a few months ago? I can't remember. Now her top front left right tooth is turning brown. She killed it. I remember killing the same tooth when I was about 6. We had gone to California to visit my grandparents before my dad headed for Korea for a year. His parents were divorced. My grandpa lived in Costa Mesa area with is wife and their daughter, Kim, who had just turned 7. The lived in an apt. complex, and had stairs. That was so cool to me because we only lived in a single-story house, and knew no one that had stairs. Kim and I would run up and down the stairs, mostly me I am sure, and one time I beefed it! I hit those stairs really hard with my teeth. I still remember the pain! Right after that, we went out to lunch. Our choices were Burger King or Taco Bell. We always went to Burger King where we lived in Alabama, but I had never been to a Taco Bell, and that's what I wanted! They were next to each other. Dad went over to Taco Bell and got me a crunchy taco (did they serve soft tacos in 1976?). I remember biting down, and ow! That hurt my tooth! My 1st grade picture you can see the brown tooth. My nephew, Colby, has a really brown tooth. I guess it's more common then you think. My best friend in Bryan... her little boy had a dark tooth forever too before it came out.

Well, we are finally going to get this insulin pump back into Jacob. We had it in for 3 days before we headed to my parents on Feb. 1st, and I've never put it back in. It was not insulin... we were practicing on saline, but it's time to get it in. I've had to watch a video and read some books, which I am about done with. He is ready for it.

I gave Joey another haircut the other day. I gave him before heading to my parents, but I had left some longer hair here and there. He looks a lot better now, and so cute. It still amazes me that he has such light hair. Will it ever go dark? I would like it to stay light, but who knows. He just came up to me... yucko! He stinks again! Let me go change him...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Plans for Summer... already!

Ok, knowing how I have to be organized in all my planning, and just can't take off to any place like my sister-in-law can, I've already started my planning for this summer. Yeah, I know. I still have a few weeks left of winter, and it's not even Spring yet... but I have to be planned!

Miller Family Reunion is June 16 & 17 in Benson, AZ. First time I ever remember hearing about Benson, is when we went on vacation as the Pritchard family in July 1986. We were headed to California, and I just thought how weird that a town would be called Benson after our (then-current) prophet, Ezra Taft Benson! Geez, what a nerdy 16 yr old I was! LOL!! So, here I am, trying to figure out everything. I've already got the hotel reserved in Benson for 4 nights, but nothing else yet. I've got a few plans to go here and there (maybe even Mesa!), but Shawn wants to see what else he may like to do as well. I know we are going to go to Balmorhea State Park in Balmorhea, TX (off of I-10 due south of Pecos in West Texas). We wanted to go there 6 years ago, but we didn't. Shawn also wants to go to Carlsbad Caverans, but a caveran is a caveran, and I've been to the ones in Hill Country/Central Texas. And I was freaked out when they turn off the lights when you are like 100 miles down! I really want to go to Roswell and see an alien. I so want to stay in an alien-theme room! I'm still pretty much freaked out about seeing one living close to Foreman and all, but I still want to go. What's in Foreman, just 20 minutes west of Ashdown? Aliens!! I watched Unsolved Mysterties when I first got married, and it freaked me out so bad, that I am still scared to look out in the fields when I am driving around here. :-D I am hoping to get to White Sands too.

College bound!

Yikes! I can't even believe I am old enough to have one that is almost on his way to college! After many months of deciding as what to do, Josh finally decided to go to BYU-Idaho (Ricks to us!). Unfortunately because he waited so long, and me not getting on the ball to check out dates and all, we missed the deadline for the Fall 2008 Track. :-( I even emailed my sister-in-law whose dad worked in the admissions off for years and years to see if we could get some "pull" and no such luck. Josh will entered college life in the Winter 2009 Track. Wow! Going from Arkansas, where chances are the weather will be 80 on New Years Day, to possibly -20 in Rexburg! He wants Shawn & I to go out as well, and if finances are allowable, we may. If not, then my brother & sister-in-law will pick him up in Idaho Falls. Until he gets out there, he is going to work his butt off here to make some money to help pay for some of this. He will be on Winter/Summer 2009 Tracks, and when the summer is over in July, he will come home and wait for his mission. He will turn 19 at the end of July 09. Is it even possible?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Some pictures of my kids...

Josh, almost a HS grad!
Lauren & Joey, Nov. 2007. Look at his face! Classic!
Kayley & Joey @ Christmas time. So cute!
Jacob & Joey @ Christmas time. Just thought this was so cute!
Krissy, age 6 @ Christmas. I need to get a more recent pic of her!
Lindsey turns 4! Feb. 2, 2008
Joey, age 13 months (Jan. 08)

Our trip home

We leave Killeen on Monday. We first stop at my brother's restrurant to eat some good pizza, and to also watch on my dad's computer the announcement of the new First Presidency (on BYU-TV). We head out about 12:30. We get the part for the backhoe that Shawn bought back in the fall. Needless to say, we were cramed full, and I told him before we even left to go down to my parents, to get the toprack. Of course, no one ever listens to me. So, almost everything gets taken out, and this huge part placed in the back, and everything set back on top. The joy of smelling oil and grease all the way back!

As we got back onto I-35N, I felt the Suburban make a weird "jump" as one could say, and I pulled a "Barbara" and asked if the part could have caused that. About 30 minutes later (maybe less), we are sitting on the side of the highway dead. Battery and starter still making noise, but it isn't keeping it started. Shawn decides it must be some bad gas (thanks Mickey's!), and that we need to find a Walmart or an auto parts store ASAP. We are now heading on I-20E/I-635N because of 2 reasons (in order of importance): 1) we may go look at a new truck that we do not need in Quitman, TX even though the Suburban has already given us a problem (or a "sign" as I call it), 2) just in case it gives us more problems, it's easier to get pulled over on this highway instead of being like the poor lady on I-30/I-35 that we saw on the way down. Of course #2 happens again, and again before we saw a Walmart. We exit, and we then died again as we were trying to go at the stoplight. Cars were honking and all that. I was rather embarrassed. We were stuck through 2 lights before it started again. We finally parked at Walmart, got the stuff that Shawn thought we might need, and leave (20 minutes later & topped off with Extra Super Supreme gas... only $2.89/gal!). We go 50 miles. We are almost to Greenville, when it dies again. We then get almost to Sulpher Springs. Then we almost get to Mt. Pleasant. Then it dies again at New Boston. But after that, we were cool until we get to Texarkana, and it dies at a stop sign. Good thing no traffic. We finally get home (5 hrs later after leaving Dallas!)! I drove it around some on Tuesday, and it did fine. And Josh drove it today to Seminary and had no problems. Maybe it was that part? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... only makes one wonder?

And Kristen & Lauren don't have anymore fevers, but Lindsey is dragging on with hers. Already she was taking Onisef for her sore throat last week, and now a fever. Maybe her body hasn't built back all her immunities? Possible? She is eating better, but she still looks quite pale. Kristen now has the cough again, and I have had to give her some breathing treatments. I have 2 left, and can't afford anymore right now. I have to decide what is more important, and obviously Jacob's stuff is going to "win", but I hate to have to decide at the beginning of the year since we have to meet a deductible and have no money as to who gets what. Shawn needs his Lipitor as well, but can't afford that. I know it's silly, but I can't help it. I am so tired of sick kids, and I have had a lot of it this winter. I just want everyone better!!!!!!!!

I have a lot to do before Saturday, and I am really beginning to stress out. Lauren has a science project due, and I know nothing about science. Never was my best subject. Actually none of it was my best subject. Shawn is working next few days, and having to go to Shreveport with me on Saturday (he is giving a talk in front of 2 GA's!), then back down to Shreveport on Sunday for the main conference. Actually I think he is off on Friday because I think he mentioned about going to Quitman then... yeah, right!

My baby is so dang cute. I got him a cute outfit a few months ago at Sams, and it's brown/lt. blue, and with his blonde hair, he is so cute! Don't know if I'll get a picture, but I'll try.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Lindsey is 4!

For her birthday weekend, we decided to go to Killeen. We don't get done there as often as I would like, so since Shawn had 4 days off, we headed down. We left on Friday, and had a good trip down. Dallas was a bit crazy, just at the merger of I-30 & I-35 and just south of I-635 on I-35... lots of traffic and car wrecks and gawkers. Geez, I hate gawkers (blush blush!). We got here about 4pm, with Kristen sick with a fever. Why wouldn't she have a fever? Fast forward to Saturday night, with Lauren having a fever. WHY NOT? Fast forward to Sunday afternoon during church (1-4pm) with Lindsey having a fever. Shawn took her home from church.

Anyway, Lindsey turned 4 on Feb. 2nd. We were going to have her party on Saturday, but with everyone here and there and around the square, we didn't have it until Sunday. We had a Super Bowl/Birthday Party all in one. She was spoiled by her aunts, uncles & Mimi (& gramps). Lots of dresses, shoes and jewelry. That's what she asked for. Lots of pink and lots of fun! She also got a cool baby/puppy set from Mimi and Polly's from her McCourt Cousins. She had a super fun day, and loved it all. She has never had a party with her Texas cousins, so she was happy.

I think I mentioned before that they thought that Jacob had Celiacs disease. Well, I took him and Kristen to LSU on Jan. 25th or so (it was a Friday), and they had biopsies done. Both tests came back negative, so we are feeling really blessed and very happy. I had already bought some gluton-free bread for Jacob, and he was eating it. I got the test results back before lunch on Thursday, and I called the school and when I talked to him I told him to throw that nasty sandwich away and go eat a real school lunch (he loves them!) with a chocolate milk even! He was sooooo happy!

We watched the ending of President Hinckley funeral yesterday too. I meant to watch it, but I ended up having to go to the store or somewhere, and wasn't back in time. We were then going to watch it last night at 7pm when it was rebroadcast, but we forgot that too. Maybe it will be on BYU-TV this week sometime.

We've had a great weekend in Killeen, and I am going to be sad to leave. I am going to try to come back the Monday after Easter since that is the beginning of my kids Spring Break.