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We met in February 1989, started dating in May, and got married in September. And Josh came *almost* 11 months later, just in case y'all were wondering. And then no more came. We waited, and waited, and then Lauren decided to make her debut in May 1995 (5 weeks early), and then Kayley 1997, Jacob 1998, Krissy 2001, Lindsey 2004 & Joey 2006. We lived in Texas until 2005, and then we moved to Arkansas, just about 25 miles north of Texarkana, Texas. Fortunately all my children are Texans (and my handsome husband) because Texans are just cool. Wish I was a Texan... but husband had to settle with a California gal, which I think is pretty cool too.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Literally! Let's see... Kristen started with it Friday night, and continued to puke until 3am, and then puked most of the day on Saturday, puking her last puke last night about 7:30pm.

Kayley then complained all afternoon today that she wasn't feeling well, and finally around 5:30 or so, I told her to go to bedroom, put on her jammies and go to sleep (she told me she didn't want to eat). Wasn't complaining about her stomach though... just saying she didn't feel well. By 6:30, she was puking. Has puked about 3 more times since.

We all sit down to eat about 6:30pm, and give the kids their food. Jacob just sitting there looking at his, and at first I thought maybe he didn't want to eat the chicken (Shawn's brother grilled it...a lit-tle on the black side). I call him over to me, and when I asked him what was wrong, he told me he didn't feel well. Sent him to bed. At 8:30 when I am trying to get little girls in bed, while holding a nursing baby (yes, I can multi-task), I ask who is in the shower JUST AS I OPEN THE BATHROOM DOOR AND SEE PUKE ALL OVER AND AROUND the "throw-up" bowl and all over the toilet. Jacob stickes his little head out and says it's him.

Take baby off the boob, and lay him in bed. Start cleaning up throw-up. Shawn is an RN, but he cannot clean up sick puke. He can do puke at the hospital because usually it's not the "sick sick" kind... KWIM? So, that is why I am doing it. I have a strong stomach! :-)

In the meantime, Kayley is running into the other bathroom puking, and Lauren is complaining she is going to get sick if she has to smell it while taking a shower. I tell her to stop, and take a shower in my bathroom since Kayley only had some dry-heeving, and not anymore sick puke (at the moment). I get the 3rd load of wash going since I don't want the smell lingering in the laundry room anymore then it has too.

At 9:47, all children are in bed asleep. Let's see how long it will last... *EDIT* Lasted all of 3 minutes... Kayley was just in the bathroom. I've told them to spray the toilet and everything around it with Lysol and wash hands good.

*Side note* Josh came home from school on Friday with a very sick stomach, but he never threw-up. His came out the other end. LOL!! Same with Joey's. I am glad I am nursing him still (only a few time a day as he is eating food) as his diapers have been YUCKO! I didn't feed him much food on Saturday because he was worse on Saturday especially that morning, so I knew he wasn't feeling to good. He is also beginning to pull at his ear again. He just got done with antibiotics for his 2nd ear infection in a month. Guess he is getting another. All of his could be related to getting his teeth (he now has 6!), but may not be.

Only Lauren & Lindsey haven't gotten sick yet, but their moment is coming I am sure...

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