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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Throwing up stinks!

And that's no pun intended!! We have been really lucky since Jacob has been diagnosed with diabetes that we haven't had any bad sicknesses. Jacob got the flu shot last year (2006), and again this past December. He would have a few ups & downs, but nothing ever really bad.

I posted below about who was sick last weekend. After posting that, whoever was going to throw-up did. It was either throwing-up or diarrhea or both. I don't now how Lindsey & I got so lucky, but we did. Unfortunately this weekend she and I have terrible head colds, but I rather have that then up-chucking. :-)

Everyone was done with throwing-up by Tuesday. I sent kids to school. I probably should had them stay home another day, but I was so ready for kids to be back at school. It was rather a long weekend.

Thursday I took Jacob to see the new GI doctor. His blood sugars had been really low since Tuesday, and I let them know that. Good thing his diabetic doctor was in the same building. They got him, and we all had one great big talk. We decided to let him eat whatever he wanted (since he wasn't eating well either), and to lower his Lantus insulin. Okay. No biggie. YEAH.........RIGHT!!!!

On Friday, he didn't eating much breakfast. At lunchtime the school nurse called me. They had tested his sugars, and they were trying to correct them, and they were not going up. AND to top it off, they gave him his Novolog insulin, and he didn't eat! So, as I am trying to decide what to do, I called his diabetic doctor back, who always answers his office phone (love love love that!), and he told me to go get him from school. I do, and had him eat a sugar-free pudding (since that is what he wanted). I go to the store with my mother-in-law, and I was only gone for 1 1/2 hrs if that long. The store was a 25 minute drive each way, and that's all we did. I got home, and he was complaining again that his stomach hurt. He checked his blood, and then we to lay down because he still wasn't feeling well. Promptly throws-up again. I call his doctor back, in a panic because now I don't know what to do, and I tell him "TELL ME WHAT TO DO! I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO ANYMORE." We both agree that he needs to go to ER @ LSU Children's in Shreveport (90 miles) to meet him there.

Long story short of the rest of the night: He was admitted to LSU Children's.

Not only do I have Jacob, but I unfortunately had Joey. Not fun. My friend did offer to watch him the whole night, and I should have left him there. Why didn't Shawn take care of him? Because he had to be at work on Saturday, and he could not call in sick because he called in sick that Monday because he had to virus too, and we already can't afford to live.

His blood sugars remained low throughout the night, and on Saturday morning. By afternoon, his sugars became normal, and he was starting to eat without complaining. They took his IV out to see how he would do until dinner time. He ate dinner good, and sugars were great. We left to go home at 7pm, to meet Shawn at the other hospital so we could drive back at the same time.

The doctors determined that his Celiacs is at its worst right now, and that he needs to be on a gluton-free diet now. So needless to say, we are starting that tonight for dinner, even though I started it for him this morning. Kids aren't too happy about no more porkchops with gray gravy (don't ask!) or stand-up fried chicken, but those are foods that can make him sick, or worse.

We will be going on a vegetarian diet (see me laughing really hard?) with some meat and dairy, but no breads or bread products! Even ice cream has gluton, and Ranch dressing (oh my, whatever shall we do?)!

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Kenna said...

Good luck. No bread would be so hard. When I was nursing Sarah, I couldn't have dairy or soy. Some days I felt like all I could eat was grass!