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We met in February 1989, started dating in May, and got married in September. And Josh came *almost* 11 months later, just in case y'all were wondering. And then no more came. We waited, and waited, and then Lauren decided to make her debut in May 1995 (5 weeks early), and then Kayley 1997, Jacob 1998, Krissy 2001, Lindsey 2004 & Joey 2006. We lived in Texas until 2005, and then we moved to Arkansas, just about 25 miles north of Texarkana, Texas. Fortunately all my children are Texans (and my handsome husband) because Texans are just cool. Wish I was a Texan... but husband had to settle with a California gal, which I think is pretty cool too.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Primary Program

Tomorrow is the program. Kayley and Jacob are excited because they both get to sing a duet. I don't know if that's good or bad for the congregation. :-s
I'll post how it went... ETA on Sunday after:
This morning as I was getting kids ready for church, Lindsey threw a fit (I mean, why not?) and announced that she was NOT going to church because she did NOT want to do the program. "Um, ok Lindsey. Let's do your hair now." We get to church, and all the kids go sit in their spot. Lindsey was sitting in the bishop's chair. I told Lindsey we needed to find out where she needed to sit for a moment because the bishop was going to sit there for a few minutes. Nope, none of that, I tell ya... and she threw herself on the floor and had another fit. So I get her, and have her sit next to me, Lauren & Joey (and Papaw too). Finally the program is starting, and her seat is free, but would she go up? Nope. But when her class was nearing the end of their parts, she wanted to go up. When she saw them sitting down, she got mad. We sat, we listen to Kayley & Jacob sing with their duet group (2 seperate ones), and was actually in aw when I heard them. All the way to church, Kayley was upset because she didn't know the song well, etc... But she did great. They all were awesome. ABout 15 minutes left into the program, Lindsey decided to go up. She went up, and sat with her class... all smiles. During closing exercises in Primary, Krissy gave the closing talk, and she did great too. She talked about service (I guess I should have used the November Friend, but for some reason I was thinking it was still October, so I prepared a talk for her from the October Friend Sharing Time). All was good.

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