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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Move over Blue Bell!

See this ice cream container/name? It's the same as Dryers. I didn't know until I did some research on my ice cream (yeah... I'm bored!).
Anyway, this is my favorite brand right now, and it's sooooooo creamy! It's so much better then Blue Bell's! If you have Dryers or Edy's, you need to buy this one! It's so good!
Apparently, Dryers Ice Cream is sold in the western half, and Edy's in the eastern half. I know our Walmart sold Dryers, but just recently started selling Edy's. It's just like the mayo:
Hellman's sold west of the Mississippi...
and Best Foods sold East of the Mississippi.
I hope I got the mayo's on the right side! LOL!!

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Mimi and Grandpa's House said...

Actually, Best Foods is sold west of the Rockies, and Helman's east. We are west of the Mississippi and get Helmans.


Heidi said...

Duh! I knew it was the Rockies! LOL!

The Cook Family said...

not sure about the sides of the mississippi, but I was confused about Best Foods/Hellmans. Best Foods- Utah, Hellmans- Texas

Hilary-Dilary-Dock said...

I was going to say that I buy Hellman's mayo and I live east of the Mississippi. Then I read Pops' post.

Also, Edy's is the ONLY ice cream we ever buy anymore! The best...Edy's Fully Loaded Mint Chip with real mini morsels and fudge brownie pieces! YUMMY! Their fully loaded double fudge brownie is also a favorite!

If we ever buy anything else, it was because Edy's was not sold! Call P right now and I guarantee he has a carton of Edy's Fully Loaded Mint chip in the freezer! Every night I have talked to him since I've been in Texas, he's been eating Edy's! LOL!

In fact, we were just talking about ice cream last night with the missionaries and Pops laughed and said you had a post about. I hadn't read it, until just this morning. Anyway, I was telling them that the best ice cream was Edy's.


Kenna said...

And if you want yhe ice cream with a little less guilt, the slow churned Edy's is AMAZING. We love it!