All because two people fell in love...

We met in February 1989, started dating in May, and got married in September. And Josh came *almost* 11 months later, just in case y'all were wondering. And then no more came. We waited, and waited, and then Lauren decided to make her debut in May 1995 (5 weeks early), and then Kayley 1997, Jacob 1998, Krissy 2001, Lindsey 2004 & Joey 2006. We lived in Texas until 2005, and then we moved to Arkansas, just about 25 miles north of Texarkana, Texas. Fortunately all my children are Texans (and my handsome husband) because Texans are just cool. Wish I was a Texan... but husband had to settle with a California gal, which I think is pretty cool too.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You know what's sad?

I have never played Chutes & Ladders with my younger kids, and Jacob is almost 10! He was putting the board away today (classic game board from Josh's younger days... nothing else, only board), and he says, "Mom, I have never played this game..." Guess who is playing Chutes & Ladders day until she is Chutes & Ladders worn out?

And I like "Walk This Way" by Run DMC & Steve Tyler. 1987? 1988? Sooner? I know I used to watch the video on MTV & VH-1 when MTV/VH-1 actually played videos and before their channels got so bad. Whenever it comes on the radio, and I'm alone in the car (like this morning), I crank it up LOUD! I love it!!

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