All because two people fell in love...

We met in February 1989, started dating in May, and got married in September. And Josh came *almost* 11 months later, just in case y'all were wondering. And then no more came. We waited, and waited, and then Lauren decided to make her debut in May 1995 (5 weeks early), and then Kayley 1997, Jacob 1998, Krissy 2001, Lindsey 2004 & Joey 2006. We lived in Texas until 2005, and then we moved to Arkansas, just about 25 miles north of Texarkana, Texas. Fortunately all my children are Texans (and my handsome husband) because Texans are just cool. Wish I was a Texan... but husband had to settle with a California gal, which I think is pretty cool too.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Wisdom teeth

Josh is getting them out on Monday @ 10am. He isn't looking forward to it. Oh, well. I still remember getting mine out, and was expecting tons of pain, and I didn't have any! I wanted them out ASAP since he is starting his new job soon. Besides he would've had to have them out before he could go on his mission.
On the 25th is Joey's surgery on his tongue. Anyone else?
The wisdom is gone. I hope having these things pulled will still keep Josh smart... LOL!! We got to Shreveport at 9:15am. At 10am, they called him back, and by 11am we were on the road heading back. Josh was quite hilarious on the way home. He loved playing with his big lip, and we played "Guess what I am saying with wads of cotton in my mouth?" It was rather amusing to watch Josh drink a Sonic milkshake and take a pain pill at the same time. We shall see how the rest of the day, and the next 24 hrs go...

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